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Wedding Gift Ideas That Won’t be on the Registry

Think Outside the Box

If you’re shopping for a couple-to-be and you’re not thrilled with the remaining selections on the wedding gift registry, it’s time to think outside the box. Sure, every couple needs a toaster oven, a cookware set, cutlery, wine glasses, a crock pot and a spice rack… but every couple also appreciates the effort that goes into finding a unique wedding gift, too.

There are plenty of wedding gift ideas for those who think outside the box. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to settle for an affordable but pedestrian wedding gift basket, you can give a thoughtful and unique wedding gift that reflects your good wishes for the happy couple. As with Christmas gift ideas, try to select an item that reflects the couple’s unique personality.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Some creative wedding gift ideas to consider include:

  • Interior decorators. Instead of just buying home furnishings and accessories blindly, not really knowing whether or not they fit into the couple’s planned design scheme, why not hire a professional interior decorator to help guide their ideas for their future home? You can go in on this gift with other wedding guests to make the costs more affordable.
  • Honeymoon registries. The idea of starting a honeymoon registry rather than a wedding gift registry is becoming increasingly popular. If you go this route, you’ll help the couple make travel and hotel arrangements for their honeymoon rather than give them items for their home.
  • Charitable donations. If the couple’s already well off or have everything they need for their new home, why not make a donation to a cause they believe in on their behalf?
  • Travel and tourism gifts. Some of the travel-related gifts you can give include booking a few nights’ stay for the couple at an upscale hotel, bumping them up to first class on their next flight, or even buying them a cruise or travel package to a romantic destination.
  • Wine. If the couple enjoys a drink now and then, splurging on a quality vintage is sure to be appreciated. You can also get them a fine bottle of scotch to keep for special occasions, too, if they enjoy fine liquor.

These ideas also make great wedding anniversary gifts, too, if you’re helping friends or parents celebrate a milestone anniversary.

Wedding Party Gifts

It’s common to give little favors to members of the wedding party. Popular wedding party gift options for the groom’s side include flasks, shot glasses and personalized playing cards, while the bride’s side may appreciate simple bath and skin care items, photo albums, tea accessories, scented soaps or miniature bottles of perfume.