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How to Pick the Perfect Gift Card

Online Gift Cards Advice Your Family and Friends Will Appreciate

Did you know you can send online gift cards that have a personal significance to the recipients? It’s true! Some people think that gift cards are a generic type of gift, but it’s easy to personalize this gift with a little forethought. We’ve outlined a few tips to help you choose online gift cards that are sure to be appreciated by your loved ones.

Consider the Recipient’s Interests

One way to find the right online gift cards for a friend or family member is to consider the person’s interests. Does the person enjoy fishing? If so, then buy gift cards from a store that sells fishing supplies and equipment. Or, maybe the person loves to paint. If so, a gift card they can use to buy paint, paper, or brushes at a craft store would be a great choice. The person is sure to appreciate the thought behind the gift.

Think About Where the Recipient Shops

Take a few moments to picture where your friend or family member shops. Maybe they love browsing shelves in the local electronics store. Or, maybe they spend hours looking at the tools and supplies at the city’s biggest home improvement store. Perhaps you have a sister with several growing children who spends several days a week shopping at the local grocery store. She could use a gift card to help with her weekly food budget! Buy gift cards that the recipient can spend at stores that they frequent.

Is the Recipient Saving Up for a Particular Item?

Maybe the person who you’re buying for is saving up for a costly item. For instance, perhaps they are saving up for a new fishing rod with all of the bells and whistles needed to catch large fish in the tropics. Or, perhaps the person almost has enough saved to purchase a new laptop for their home office. Why not give the person you’re shopping for a gift card that helps them reach their goal and make that purchase? Giving a gift card in this situation ensures you are helping them buy something they will love.

Shopping Online, or in Stores

Another thing to think about when you buy gift cards for loved ones is whether they shop online or in-store. Maybe your sister loves to shop at the largest online store in the country. Why not give her a gift card that can be used at the online store she loves? Alternatively, maybe you have an uncle who enjoys going into the local department store to browse through the men’s clothing and accessories. Get a gift card that he can use as he makes his weekly trip to shop there.

Does the Recipient Like to Travel?

Choosing gift cards for someone who loves to travel is especially fun. This opens the door to getting travel gift cards for various restaurants, shops in different cities, hotels, amusement parks, zoos, and more! A gift card from you can make the person’s next trip a lot more economical, as well as entertaining. Look at other businesses to keep in mind as you buy travel gift cards for a friend or family member:

  • Gas stations
  • Car rental places
  • Airlines
  • Car services

Lastly, dedicating a bit of time and thought into the process before you send online gift cards can help you end up with several simple gifts that are sure to be a pleasant and welcome surprise to your loved ones.