A woman hanging photo banners on a wall

How to Add a Personal Touch to Home Décor, Parties, or Gifts

Creating Custom Photo Banners

When looking for cool, unique ways to express yourself at any stage in your life, you may start looking for something a little different than what you’re used to. There are many things you can do to create personalized pieces for various occasions, whether you need a special gift, party decorations, or a sentimental piece to put up in your home. As high-powered printers are getting more common, custom photo banners are getting more and more popular.

As the name implies, custom photo banners are personalized signs that have pictures and text you can specifically select to display. The possibilities of what you can create with these pieces are endless.

You can select pictures from your latest vacation or your family pet. You may even want to blow up your most recent family photo or that recent picture you took of the sunset.

How to Use Them

With so many possibilities, you can imagine that the applications are endless. You can get them for literally any reason you see fit, but here are some of the more popular reasons why people get custom photo banners created.

  • Gifts: These banners are a great gift for someone who likes thoughtful and sentimental gifts. It’s the perfect item for your kid going off to college, or the grandparent looking to commemorate a fun family event for years to come.
  • Décor: If you are looking for a nice way to add a lot of color and personality to your room, custom photo banners allow you to hang up a piece that perfectly matches its surroundings. These are great if you are looking for an ingenious way to display a family photo.
  • Parties: Custom photo banners add a little extra excitement to any party. People can make these banners to celebrate all sorts of events such as sports, graduation, birthdays, anniversaries, or retirement.

DIY or Ordering Online

You don’t have to leave your home to experience the joys of your own custom photo banner. Thanks to modern technology, you can print these out in the comfort of your own home.

While you can do it, many people opt not to. Unless you have a high-power printer that can create top-quality work, you may choose to order products online. Home printers are often limited by size, printing material, and colors. If you need a cheap one in a pinch, you can make these home DIYs work.

For one thing, to compensate for sizing options, you can print a single image out in several different installments and put them all together in the end. In terms of printing material, you can always print your custom photo banner on iron-on paper, which you can transfer to more durable material.

Of course, there are other methods if you aren’t pressed for time. Ordering banners online is a great way to make a banner from the comfort of your own home.

You can simply submit your design to a website or use the tools that are available to you. Often, these online retailers offer different designs and templates that are much easier to customize than Photoshop or other photo editing programs.

This is great if you aren’t tech-savvy, need some ideas, or don’t have the time and patience to make your own. There are programs and free templates you can use online if you want to print it yourself.

Ordering Custom Photo Banners Online

If you would like to buy a custom photo banner online, you can consider some of these popular options.

Walgreens has been a family name for a long time. You can even access most services through machines set up at locations if you need some professional assistance.

Pros: Very easy to use, offers a lot of promos and deals, longstanding company, and same-day pickup available in some cases.

Cons: Limited sizing options, sometimes costly.

Banners on the Cheap
Looking for something quick and easy? Banners on the cheap is a great place to start.

Pros: They offer a lot of templates, are inexpensive, and ships within 24 hours.

Cons: Glitchy customization tools, and the available templates are sometimes basic or limiting.

Vistaprint offers some superior options if you are looking for fancy setups or need things for commercial purposes.

Pros: They offer different fabric options, are great for outdoor and commercial use, and have retractable options.

Cons: It can take a couple of days to receive, and you need to load your own customizations (buyers need to mind their specs).

Etsy is a site that lists many small businesses and artists rather than a single company by itself. All businesses regarding custom photo banners are done through individual sellers, which you can contact if you have specific questions.

Pros: The site offers many different options, support local businesses, and you’ll receive a unique product.

Cons: Sometimes it is more expensive and can take longer to create and ship.