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Create the Perfect Wedding Website With These Simple Tips

How to Create a Wedding Website

Nowadays people are starting to digitize pretty much everything. Doing things online is an easy way to keep things organized and easy to access. It’s no surprise then that many couples are bringing their wedding planning online. It’s easier than ever to create a wedding website, and doing so will help keep everything for your special day organized.

What are Wedding Websites?

Weddings are no easy affair. While they will eventually be the best days of your lives, they are also a very stressful venture.

There are so many different things to do to get ready for your big day, and it can be difficult to keep track of all your guests. Likewise, it can be a little trying for your guests to be able to get a hold of you. This is why many modern couples have turned to wedding websites to help make their days a little easier.

There are a number of reasons why people choose to create a wedding website.

Online Invitations
Traditional, paper invitation had a notorious number of problems. For one thing, mail is not always reliable. Letters get lost in the mail, and it’s easy for people to lose those RSVP notes behind the fridge or under a pile of bills.

Online invitations offer a digital letter that lets people access the information anytime! It also helps send out all the details in real-time and offers a platform to create a central hub for you to keep all of the information organized.

Easy Communication
All of the information on your special day can be found on this site rather than on a piece of paper that can easily be destroyed. Additionally, it is a lot easier to update everyone on the guest list of any changes that are being made to the event.

Changing any information on a website is much easier than trying to get in touch with every single guest through mail or phone to alert them of changes. Instead of reaching out to you to find out any sort of information, they can simply visit the website at their own convenience.

Online Registry
Guests can find out more important information than simply the venue location or times. They can even find information on what they should get you through online registries.

Online registries provide perfect information on what gifts you would want, and update it in real-time to reduce the chances that someone gets you the same thing twice.

Document Your Special Day
The website can serve a purpose long after the wedding is over. It serves as a central hub where you and your guests can revisit the wedding. Here, you can share pictures and videos documenting the entire thing!

Many couples even opt to share some personal stories about themselves right on the site so everyone can follow along with your journey. It’s like a little scrapbook you can share with the whole family no matter where you are.

Budget and Eco-friendly Option
Using these sites is more than just convenient, it also saves a lot of money and resources. Using so much less paper means that there are fewer paper scraps in landfills and more money in your wallet.

What to Avoid

Of course, there are a lot of things you can do with your wedding website, so going overboard can be pretty easy. You want to find the right balance of providing the essential information you need without making your site difficult to navigate.

Try to avoid adding any unnecessary information. This could include things such as incredibly lengthy stories or obsessive amounts of alerts. If you don’t choose your notifications wisely it is easy for people to start dismissing your alerts altogether and missing out on important information.

Finally, there are many customization options. Make sure to choose some clean designs and easy-to-follow layouts so everyone can follow along. This is especially important if your guest list contains people who are not so tech-savvy. Checking in with these guests can be a smart choice to reduce the chances of any misunderstandings.

Free Wedding Websites

While there are a number of platforms available to use, there are actually several sites which are free of charge. You can consider the following, very popular companies for free wedding websites.

The Knot

Pros: Syncs up well with the app, easy to set up and navigate, constantly adding updates.
Cons: Limited RSVP options, not easily adjusted through the app (requires computer access).


Pros: Very aesthetic designs and easy to startup.
Cons: The free version has limited options, and is not easy to customize.


Pros: Very easy to update, minimalist designs.
Cons: Free version is watermarked, lacks lots of tools (such as registry integration).

Wedding Wire

Pros: Works well with many other apps, and has easy privacy settings to keep you off a search engine.
Cons: Very basic templates, the app can’t edit or create a website (requires a computer).