A diamond ring band.

10 Tips to Make Your Jewelry-Buying Experience a Breeze

How to Buy Jewelry

Gifting jewelry is an intense way of showing care, even for men. The fact that jewelry is not something that’s bought daily makes it more special and sentimental than other gifts. So, we understand how tricky it is to buy the right jewelry for yourself or for that special someone.

Do you want to give yourself or someone else a jewelry treat that has perhaps been long overdue? Are you considering factors such as budget and that perfect fit for your wardrobe and lifestyle?

We’ve got you covered. Let us be your guide to getting that perfect authentic piece.

Making a Jewelry Purchase

Are you thinking of buying a piece of jewelry or that dream piece, but you are skeptical because you don’t want your purchase going wrong?

We understand how challenging it gets finding the perfect bauble that expresses your sentiments towards that relationship.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your parents, siblings, a significant other, a friend to express their value in your life or yourself, keep reading to make the job less difficult.

1. Make it Personal

When purchasing a jewelry item as a gift or part of your collection, it is important you personalize it. Discover which style suits you asking the following questions:

  • What’s your wardrobe like? Is it the corporate with suits and heels or a casual weekend closet?
  • Are you the type to attend parties or go to the opera after work? Or are you the type who spends Sundays playing games or sports at the parks?
  • Are you the extravagant or austere type?

It is important to answer these questions correctly because the only way to enjoy your jewelry for a long time is when it is your style.

2. Let the Purpose of the Jewelry Guide You

Are you looking for a wow-them piece or something regular to go with various outfits? If you’re in search of something simple and basic, try diamond and silver, they are simply elegant and fit into any budget. Or you need jewelry that is not so basic; try out sapphire and ruby if you feel you have got enough diamonds.

If you want something loud enough to make an announcement, try platinum and gold, they scream extravagance.
Try a gold necklace if you are looking for something simple but beautiful!

3. Get to Know the Various Gemstones

Educate yourself on precious stones. Know their peculiarities to help you buy the befitting jewel. Never make a jewelry purchase without knowledge of that product; you may end up buying a wrong or useless product.

Research thoroughly before you make a choice based on their birthstone and what you can afford. We understand that minerals such as emerald, ruby, and sapphire may be too expensive and probably way above your budget, so we suggest you opt for semiprecious stones or synthetic stones but never lie about what they are.

4. Get Educated on Precious Metals

Get to know the peculiarities of each precious metal and the difference in quality. When looking for affordable and suitable jewelry for an occasional outfit, go for silver. Try gold if you need something for long-term daily use; it comes in different colors such as yellow, white, and rose gold.

Pay attention to the difference in gold quality, ranging from cheaper to more expensive. For heirlooms, platinum is the baby, though more expensive it is worth the purchase!

5. Choose a Trusted Brand

Browse up top jewelry brand names and make a pick from the list. This is necessary to avoid buying the wrong jewelry. You should always go with trusted brands.

To choose a trusted brand it is also a good idea to ask friends for jewelry brand recommendations. Word of mouth and social media platforms are a great place to start your brand research!

6. Budget

When buying a piece of jewelry, it is important to work with a budget and never overdo the purchase. So, start saving up those little raises and bonuses to reward your loved ones.

7. Avoid Nickel-Filled Jewelry

Most people are allergic to nickel, such as an alloy, so be cautious when buying a jewelry piece; you do not want that person or yourself to have skin irritations.

8. Ask a Reputable Jeweler

When making your pick, ask questions from a great jeweler. It’s only logical to make findings from those who make it in the first place. Try out smaller shops or a place you are not buying from and make sure such places are the real thing. Look online to find a jewelry store near you, well-known brand or local, to begin talking to jewelers.

To avoid being misled because every salesperson could be reassuring, look out for things like National Association of Jewelers membership as well as a guaranteed period offered on their services. Also, never let your buying be influenced by the person or jeweler selling it to you.

9. Get a Second Opinion

Do not make the mistake of sticking to one opinion. Endeavor to ask several jewelers. When we say several, we do not mean seeking opinion from just anyone or a community of jewelers.

Asking a few reputable jewelers, at most five would get you the reassurance you need.

10. Read the Fine Print

Lastly, keep the receipt and any document signifying purchase just as you would do with anything of value. When buying custom-made jewelry, always check out for returns and exchange policy if you need to return the gifts should the recipient not love them.

Final Notes

By following these steps, you are sure to buy that perfect jewelry piece.

Now that you know how to buy the perfect jewelry gift, the next stop is where to get it. We suggest buying at jewelry auctions, smaller jewelers stores, or simply go online to find a jewelry store near you.

Peradventure buying the perfect piece that’s within your budget, you consider revamping old pieces of jewelry. Give those old pieces a drastic transformation and be sure to be wowed.