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Everything You Need to Know About Disability Benefits

How to Apply for Disability Benefits

Adult disability benefits are available for people who have enough work history and an eligible illness or injury. Applicants can receive a portion of their earnings for the duration of their recovery period. Anyone interested in receiving adult benefits can request adult disability benefits using the process and information outlined below. In this article, we help outline how to apply for disability benefits.

Check Possible Vulnerability

The first step for applying for disability benefits is to do a little research and see if eligibility exists. A person may qualify for one of two types of disability: supplemental security income or social security disability insurance.

The main difference between the two types of coverage is work credits. The applicant does not have to have a work history or work credits to apply for supplemental security income. An individual must have worked five out of the past 10 years to collect social security disability insurance money. Furthermore, the individual must have earned a specific number of work credits to qualify.

SSDI collection requires the applicant to have an eligible disability that will last longer than 12 months. Many physical disabilities qualify for the benefits. Some mental health conditions can qualify for coverage as well. The individual will have to prove that the disability will be long-lasting with documentation from a qualified medical professional.

Additionally, the person must be incapacitated enough to meet the SSA’s requirements. Furthermore, the disability must be present on the SSA’s website in order for a person to quality and collect benefits. If all of those factors are there, then the person can continue with a claim for benefits.

Collect Relevant Documentation and Information

Next, an applicant should collect information that is relevant to the claim. They will need to have income documentation available, as well as personal ID and doctor’s notes. The person will have to present the documentation to an attorney or directly to the benefit authority. Having all the documents in place will accelerate the process, so it is wise to be prepared.

Sign Up on the Social Security Website

After collecting the relevant information, the applicant can advance to the next step. The SSA has a website where people can sign up to complete an online application. Registration takes only a few minutes. After that, the person can start the process of applying for the financial benefits they need to survive.

How to Apply for Disability Benefits: Complete an Online Application

The final step is to complete an application online. The first part of the application will ask questions about identity, address, workplace and contact numbers. It will then ask about the disability and when it started.

Next, the application will ask for information about the doctor who diagnosed the disability. The application will also inquire about the level of function the applicant has. The person must go into detail about how much they can function in everyday life.

One of the sections will also ask the applicant for information about their employment over the past few years. It will go into great detail about the dates of employment, job description and duties the individual performed.

The final step after application completion is waiting for a decision after the document submits. The process may take several weeks or months, depending on the disability. Some disabilities are eligible for immediate processing. These can include bone and joint conditions, vision and hearing loss, and respiratory health conditions, like cystic fibrosis. 

Interested parties can request benefits today if they believe they meet the criteria. Such individuals can employ the assistance of a social security attorney if the case appears to be complex, or if it is denied the first time. Experts may be able to change the claim’s outcome for their clients.

How Much Money Will You Get on Disability?

In the U.S., how much money you receive while on disability depends on the earnings you have made in your life so far. For most people who apply for disability, they average receiving $800 to $1,800 per month. However, if payback is necessary, you will receive less money.

In Review

Now you know how to apply for disability benefits. Remember, anyone who has a severe and chronic physical health or mental health condition is eligible for disability benefits with the medical records to back it up. Also, make sure you review your finances to see how much you will receive when on disability, and make sure to go through the online application process. The processing duration of the application can vary. For some it can take up to 30 days, and for others it can take two to three years.