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How to Throw a Surprise Party Without a Hitch

Planning a Surprise Party Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Throwing a surprise party can be exciting for everyone involved. However, it takes quite a bit of planning and preparation to flawlessly pull it off. The greatest surprise parties are well-planned, and best of all, they are a pleasant surprise for the guest of honor! These are five essential tips for throwing a surprise party without a hitch.

Discuss the Event with Your Guests

To maintain secrecy, only involve a small number of other people in the planning stages of the surprise party. The more people who are involved in the conception of the party, the larger the risk will be of the guest finding out about it. If you’re looking to have a large number of people participate in the actual event, don’t actually tell the majority of them until just before it is scheduled to happen.

Create a Convincing Distraction

The distraction alone could be enough to blow the cover of your party. You’ll need a decoy scenario that doesn’t make the guest of honor suspicious. For example, don’t simply tell the guest of honor to avoid “coming home” or going to a certain place. Use a tactic that the guest of honor will find natural or inconspicuous. For instance, enlist the help of a party planner to take the guest of honor out shopping or to a movie.

Hide All Evidence of the Party

Many surprise parties fail simply due to not keeping the party materials well-hidden. If you plan on decorating for the party, keep the decor stowed away in a closet or attic. Food, such as snacks and cake, should be kept either at another party planner’s house or well-hidden at the party location.

Don’t Get Too Creative with the Surprise

If you’re still in the beginning stages of planning how to surprise them, keep in mind that you ultimately don’t want to create a scare. There is a significant difference between scaring and surprising a person. This is especially important for young children. In most cases, having your party planners and guests pop out of hiding is sufficient for the surprise factor. Don’t create multiple surprises, and remember that the guest of honor is a person with thoughts and feelings.

Require Guests To Arrive Early

In order for the actual surprise to be a success, everyone must be present and ready before the guest of honor arrives. One person showing up late or at the same time as the guest of honor could be enough to blow the party’s cover. Showing up early gives everyone plenty of time to get into position before the big moment arrives!