A man dressed up as a pirate.

DIY Halloween Costumes

Make the Most of What You’ve Got This Halloween

Making your own Halloween costume can involve a lot of terminology: sewing, no-sew, makeup, and costume ideas for children’s costumes or for adult costumes are only a few things to consider. However, it can be very easy to avoid looking these terms up multiple times while making your own costume. DIY Halloween costumes can be easier than you think.

Crafting Your Costume

A “no-sew” costume is just that: there is no sewing involved in the making of this costume. Avoiding this can be tricky depending on the costume’s nature. Being careful to choose a costume that has parts that can easily be made at home (cardboard boxes decorated with printer paper or construction paper make great tiaras) is a good first step to making your own costume. If you’re an expert sewer, however, go for it.

One example of a costume that required no use of a sewing machine is a lollipop princess. A dress can be purchased from any local store in any color, length, and can have long sleeves, short sleeves, or spaghetti straps. Once the basic dress is picked, all you have to do is decide how to attach the lollipops and how you’re getting the lollipops. If you use real lollipops, kids will not leave you alone. To avoid this, you can draw lollipops with colored pencils or markers on printer paper or white construction paper and tape them to the dress. Add a tiara made of lollipops and cardboard, and voila!

Costume Ideas

That same idea can be used for a variety of children’s costumes: an ice princess, a mummy, an angel, and even a generic princess. Tissue paper can also be used to create different parts of the costume (angel wings, for example, can be made with tissue paper and pipe cleaners).

If stuck for costume ideas, take to the internet. There are so many floating around that they can’t be missed. A simple search for “princess” brings up many variations on the theme. Even if the costume is based off of a movie, a TV show, or even a cartoon, a homemade costume could last longer than a store bought costume. And if you’re making your costume, you have a lot more wiggle room to make it fit, change the colors, and much more.