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Put Your Best Foot Forward and Prepare Answers to These Common Job Interview Questions

Interview Prep Is Very Important

Job interviewing is easier when you know some common interview questions asked during interviews ahead of time. This gives you time to think of answers and be prepared so the answers come to you easily. It also helps to have several good questions to ask at the end of the interview.

Your preparedness shows you’re interested in the job and that you’ve given thought to the interview beforehand. Have examples in your mind of what your strengths are on the job, and about your experience in past jobs. Your ready answers help give you the confidence you need.

Top Questions Asked In Job Interviews

An early question an interviewer may ask could be an open-ended one like “tell me about yourself.” They want to know about you professionally, not in a personal way. This is not the time to talk about hobbies and family. It is the time to bring up skills you’ve acquired in past jobs and things that you’re good at like organization and planning. Other potential interview questions include:

  • Why did you leave your job or why are you considering leaving? The best advice is to say you’re looking for new opportunities and challenges.
  • What do you know about the company? Be positive. Use things in the news and ways the company is different from their competition.
  • Why would you do a good job? Bring up your strengths and relevant experience.
  • What is your biggest job-related accomplishment? Bring up a good example of an accomplishment.
  • What are the first things you would accomplish in this position? Think about this question ahead of time so you have a good answer.

Interviewers may also choose to ask situational questions like “how did you deal with a difficult customer or client?” If you’re interviewing for a management job, you might be asked “have you ever been in the position to reprimand an employee and how did you handle that?” These questions give the interviewer a good idea of your character, ability to handle challenges and integrity.

Make A Great Impression!

You’ll make a great interview impression if you have good questions to ask. Show that you’re interested in the company. Ask about things like company culture, questions to clarify what the job entails, and next steps to getting hired. This leaves the interviewer with a positive impression of you and increases your chances of being hired.