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Dating Tips for Women: How to Make a Good First Impression

The Key to a Smooth Date

While some dating advice for women will apply to men just as often, certain other approaches and behaviors tend to help women gain control of the courtship ritual. Dating brings excitement and freedom — you can choose to accentuate what you want, downplay what you don’t like and basically present yourself in whichever way you please. However, if you’re looking for a second date, take some advice on appearance, character and behavior that will leave him impressed and eager to see you again.

Dating Tips for Women to Improve your Success

Dating is largely about attraction, and that first physical impression you give can dictate how the night unfolds. That’s not to say that you must be the most stunning woman in the room by traditional standards; rather, a polished, tasteful and vibrant appearance that radiates confidence will do wonders for how you’re perceived by your date. Groom yourself well, avoid overly revealing clothing and opt for a flattering cut and color of outfit that will bring together your whole look instead of drawing all attention to certain body parts.

While an aloof demeanor will likely leave him bored, do make him work a little bit for your attention. Playing hard-to-get keeps things interesting, and it will test the extent of his interest: if he truly wants to get to know you better, he’ll have no problem chasing you a bit. It is a fine balance, though; be careful not to play with his feelings or lead him on unfairly, as he may wind up resenting you for it.

It’s important to know what behavior will help you, but it’s just as crucial to know what will snuff out any spark you may have just ignited with your beauty and charm. It’s not surprising that babies, marriage and ex-boyfriends are areas to be avoided, but tread carefully when saying anything negative about yourself or others as well. True, it is possible to bond over a mutual dislike, but it’s also easy to turn off a guy by complaining or being self-deprecating, snooty or catty. Try to stay positive and happy, and there’s a better chance that the date will go pleasantly.

Love Advice for Women Who Date Online

When it comes to online dating tips, appearance takes a backseat to masterful communication. Whether you’re interested in dating younger men, dating older men or dating rich men, you’ll want to show that you’re attracted but not desperate, open-minded but not easy. It can be a challenge to craft a cool, collected and fun-loving character in writing, so pay close attention to the words you use. Be clear about what you’re looking for and what you’re not, and represent yourself accurately. A dishonest description will surely come to light eventually.

The most important piece of advice for online dating is to be safe. Don’t give away personal information like phone numbers or e-mail addresses, and be sure that the dating website you’re using is reputable and has safety measures in place. Trust your gut and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t meet for a date.