A couple standing on a dock, across from each other

The Benefits of Attending Couples Therapy

There are Many Positives That Come from Couples Therapy

Relationships take regular maintenance and nourishment to keep them flourishing. In other words, relationships are hard work. It is unfortunate that many couples wait far too long before seeking couples therapy. Only after resentment, severed bonds, and negative patterns have been established do couples finally decide to seek outside help. If you’ve never considered attention couples therapy to help resolve issues, here are some ways they can help.

Open Communication

Problems often arise due to miscommunication. We don’t feel like our partner understands us or our needs anymore. Having a third party can really break down communication barriers, and get down to the bare bones of the issues at hand. It is extremely common for people to communicate in a way that hides their vulnerability, so instead they speak in riddles and hope their partner will get a clue on how they’re feeling inside. A counselor easily recognizes this behavior and will bring your attention to what you’re saying, and what you’re actually trying to say.

Solution Focused

Therapy isn’t a blame game or focused on keeping score. Arguments between couples will often decline into pointing fingers or bringing up multiple issues that distract from finding a solution. Therapy provides a focused environment with clear objectives where change-oriented solutions are more easily obtained.

Anyone Can Benefit

Therapy isn’t for any one kind of couple or scenario. No matter your age, race, sexual orientation, or relationship status (dating, engaged, or married), you can seek counseling. Whether you’re dealing with an ongoing problem, trying to rekindle romance and excitement, or just need a check-in, couples therapy can help. Some common issues include frequent arguments, infidelity, substance abuse, finances, and emotional distance, but those are just skimming the surface.

After trying therapy, many wished they had been more proactive about mending their partnership or marriages sooner. There is no shame in caring so much about your significant other that you’re willing to take any step in trying to find a solution to your conflicts. Sometimes all it takes is some professional help to gain new insight on how to keep our partnerships thriving.