A bride and groom at their wedding

The Key to a Happy, Healthy Marriage

Marriage Tips a Long-Lasting Relationship

Marriage is a home to many self-satisfying virtues. A lack of these virtues in any growing relationship may result to divorce. Virtues in marriage include kindness, communication, respect, understanding and friendship. We’ve put together some marriage tips on how these virtues can help improve your relationship.


This is probably the most fundamental key to any successful marriage; it does not only entail talking to one another but also taking the time to feel what is being said. A closure in this results in conflicts due to the remaining unspoken issues and thus generating a negative energy which would result to a reluctant in solving other impending issues thus breaking the marriage. Communication is mostly affected by frequent excuses for mistakes, a lack of trust between partners and holding back on feelings.


Knowing that we come from diverse backgrounds with different sociocultural beliefs, interests may differ between a couple. It may require not only accepting the other’s differences but also learning from one another. A failure in appreciating diversity may result to individuals feeling deprived and tired of living with one another and a divorce would appear as a quick solution.


Giving and not accepting anything in return may sound hard to do, but kindness is probably harder in a situation where a good deed is rewarded with a bad one, and issues of feeling hurt may result. Marriage thus may require both patience and consideration that a good deed is not a right but a favor that should be treated so.


Knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes helps the couple understand and appreciate each other’s personality. Boundaries created between likes and dislikes help keep two people together and positive energy generated from that helps them move forward. Respect is important as it build a strong foundation for trust to develop.


In marriage there should be a mutual respect and cohesion between the partners; they should be there for each other as a shoulder to lean on. Partners should be able to open up to one another and feel comfortable sharing deeper thoughts. This friendship will help cement the bond between them for a lifetime.

Marriage is perhaps not a walk in the park but it’s a ride worth the hiccups. It’s the reason why most newly marriage couples end up divorced within five years of their marriage. To ensure that one remain happily married, the above said key factors should be adhered to