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Essential Tips to Help Men Succeed in the Dating World

It’s All About Balance

There isn’t one universal dating principle to guarantee a love connection, but there are a few general guidelines that will lead to a happy and healthy dating life. While experience is often the best teacher, there’s no need to find out everything the hard way — take a cue from those who have learned which dating strategies are successful and which won’t get you very far. Basically, common sense and respect are central: whether you’re dating younger women or dating older women, here are some key points to keep in mind if you want to be successful in your romantic endeavors.

Helpful Dating Advice for Men

First, don’t be someone you’re not. While it’s normal to unwittingly play the alpha male or subconsciously smile like a fool when you talk to her, don’t go out of your way to create a new persona. Unless you’re a great actor (and intend for this to be a short-lived role), the fa├žade will soon collapse and she’ll resent your attempts to act bigger, richer and more powerful than you really are. Be yourself without exaggerating too much either way, and you’ll earn lasting trust and respect.

Secondly, relationships are not one-sided so don’t expect to get away with minimal effort. Ask her how she’s doing, and show an interest in her daily life and her hopes and dreams. Your date ideas should take her tastes into consideration and the evening’s conversation should be smooth, easy and balanced — dwelling on your virtues and ambitions will work against you, but so will complete silence. Offer your own opinions but listen and respond to hers as well; this is the best time to earn points, as you’ll be able to impress her with your stellar memory and attentive manner when the second date rolls around.

Finally, show an interest in yourself. While it’s vital to engage your date in stimulating conversation, an easy way to show her respect is to respect your own appearance and refine your character. Take some time to clean up your wardrobe, incorporate some grooming into your daily routine and leave the crude language at home. It may seem superficial, but dating is largely about attraction, and attraction is largely about appearance. Make a solid effort and you’re more likely to see good results.

Specific Love Advice for Men

If you find yourself in a new dating situation or a moral dilemma, trust your gut and tread carefully. Dating married women often brings guilt and disappointment alongside the excitement, and you can wind up in a very uneasy or even dangerous situation. Many of the best dating tips for men involve keeping your libido in check: it’s natural to be enticed by the promise of passion, but it’s crucial that you act logically and rationally in order to protect your heart and your life. Successful dating is about patience, thoughtfulness and restraint, so prepare for these things before you jump into the game.