A woman using a standing desk

Switch Up Your Work Environment With a Standing Desk

Benefits of Standing Desks

If you haven’t used a standing desk, now is the time to explore the benefits and features of one. The standard sitting desk is a source of health and productivity problems in many work environments. Providing versatility in an office setting or at home, standing desks allow a person to move quickly from station to station. They also allow for a variety in ergonomic work stations that support individual needs for comfort and focus. Let’s take a look at more of the benefits of standing desks, and how they can help improve your work environment.


Standing desks usually run about $500 and offer a set of advantages over standard sitting desks. Most brands offer multiple veneers for aesthetics and a choice of accessories. A motor raises and lowers the desk at the press of a button. This accommodates the individual needs of multiple workers.


Standing desk benefits include the following:

  • Adjustable height with memory capability
  • Choice in desk top styles
  • Grommets and cutouts for cables
  • A comfortable work surface
  • Stability
  • Accessories like drawers, cross pieces, etc.
  • Convenience for moving from station to station
  • Avoiding health issues that come from sitting long periods


There are some drawbacks to the basic design of a standing desk. Some major brands have small issues that are unique to their product.

Some drawbacks you might experience include:

  • Vibration from motors
  • Some rocking back and forth
  • Some laminate tops chip easily
  • Health issues can result from standing for long periods

Strategic Uses

Standard sitting desks can lead to these problems:

  • They require more space
  • They restrict comfortable usage to sitting positions only
  • They slow down movement and productivity
  • They can cause health issues that result from sitting too much
  • They do not adjust to the needs of individuals who sit at the desk

Standing desks offer these solutions:

  • Freedom of movement
  • Take up less floor space
  • Adjust to the heights of multiple people
  • Improve workflow within busy or tight areas

For comfort, durability, and versatility, standing desks solve the traditional problems associated with sitting desks. However, they can cause problems as well. It’s not a good idea to replace excessive sitting with excessive standing. Discomfort and medical issues will only shift to different parts of the body. Having choices throughout the day will allow workers to adjust for their comfort and remain focused on work.

Standing desks provide solutions for those tight spots in a small workroom. They also improve workflow through a large space with multiple stations. Their adjustable height conforms quickly to the needs of the moment. Accessories like monitor and laptop holders allow you to organize desktop materials. Standing desk benefits start with the ergonomic design but also include customizations depending on the supplier. Online reviews provide a closer look at the major brands that have provided standing desk options for several years.