Bridal shower cards and gifts on a table.

Bridal Shower Gifts Everyone Will Love

Bridal Shower Gifts Any Couple Will Love

These unique, special and thoughtful bridal shower gifts are sure to be appreciated by any couple, even if they aren’t on their registry.

1. Basket with Kitchen and Home Items

This is a great gift idea that any newlywed couple will get a lot of use out of. The basket can be used for storage while the items you put inside can be used for cooking. Some items that are especially perfect for putting in the basket include: whisk, spatula, cookie sheet, cooking wine, towels, oven mitt, tongs and a ladle. There are tons of possibilities, so have fun with what you put inside to accommodate their specific needs.

Tip: If the couple already lives together then they probably have a lot of these things throughout their home. To find out what they need, take a few minutes to look at their registry. If all else fails, then look at their cooking area the next time you visit.

2. Personalized Wine Bottle

The bride and groom can drink this bottle on their anniversary or just during a special date night. A personalized wine label will make it even more unique, especially when it has their names and wedding date printed right one it. You can make these labels yourself or buy one online, so it’s up to you how it’s made.

3. Spa Gift Certificates

Weddings are stressful, which is why this gift is such a thoughtful idea. The best part is you can choose how much the certificate is for so you can fit it within your budget specifically. You could even go in with a few other people to give the couple a luxury spa experience they won’t forget (and definitely need).

4. Kitchen Appliance

If the bride and groom are going to buy a home or are going to move in together, then they will likely need home items. Kitchen appliances in particular are always appreciated, especially if the couple doesn’t already own many of them. Some ideas for those who have a large budget include: oven, fridge, microwave or espresso maker. Ideas for those looking to spend less include: toaster oven, blender, waffle maker, food processor or coffee maker.

5. Money

Weddings can become expensive, especially when those little expenses start to add up. If you’re not sure what to give, you can’t go wrong with money. The couple will be incredibly thankful and will likely let you know what the money goes towards for the big day.