What is ERP

Finding the Right Enterprise Resource Planning Software

What is ERP?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is an important aspect of most companies that are mid-sized and larger. However, there are small businesses that can benefit from ERP as well. ERP is an important part those of industries that can utilize it, because it enables better customer service and important types of expense tracking automation.

Some of the larger ERP companies are Intuit, SAP, NexTec, and Blytheco. These companies specialize in bringing the best in automated accounting, business tracking, and customer relationship management to their customers through various software offerings and implementation strategies.

If you still find yourself asking “what is ERP?” or “how can ERP help my business?” then continue reading to find out more.

ERP and Small Businesses

What is ERP like for small businesses that may not be able to get an Intuit, NexTec, SAP, or Blytheco account? They can rely on smaller accounting programs like QuickBooks Pro or the Microsoft software suite to help their small business participate in enterprise resource planning in industries that can utilize it.

There are several other ERP software companies to consider for small businesses as well that offer cloud or regular ERP software that are smaller and lesser known. However, some larger to mid-sized companies make software for small businesses as well. A thorough internet or online retailer search is sure to provide favorable results in this category.

The major benefits of ERP software for small businesses include better customer relationship management and expense tracking. While basic expense tracking can be done by hand or in a spreadsheet, it’s often easier to find out information about the way money is spent with ERP software, whether it is regular or cloud ERP software.

Cloud ERP software is a great way to reduce computer run time and keep backups of your software online, where it is more usable. Depending on the storage type and the software, ERP files may also be easier to find in the cloud. 

ERP Software for Large Businesses

ERP software companies to consider for larger businesses should provide ample storage. Many companies underestimate how much storage they really need when they are researching to find out what company to use.

Software speed is also something to consider, but perhaps the most important aspect to look at is how readable the software really is within the industry. Companies may want to consider a test trial of the software, since it can be hard to tell at first how usable it is within a specific industry.

The main goal for both small and large businesses is to choose a software that is compatible with the work they do, and enables them to work with data to make more data-driven choices for their business. This could mean more detailed quarterly reports, more data mining within the industry, or careful expense tracking. It could also mean using data to garner investment in important customer decisions, like what packaging to choose or when to plan sales. 

Using Software the Right Way

While software won’t replace years of experience in the field, it can give people a leg up in their industry by opening up important data sets and making file sharing easier.

The first thing is to answer the question, “What is ERP?” for employees. The second thing is to teach them how to use the software and implement change-making decisions based on goals. Using data carefully while including experienced people in decision making is the right way to utilize enterprise resource planning software for business.