A shovel placed in the ground in a garden

Gardening Tools and Their Uses

The Ultimate Gardening Tools List

If you’re new to gardening, learning the various tools and their uses can seem a little overwhelming. However, once you learn how to use a few simple tools, you’ll be able to start enjoying everything gardening has to offer. Here is a handy guide to help put together a gardening tools list for you to use.


Aerating your soil is an important part of gardening. An aerator increases the uptake of oxygen, water, and important nutrients in your lawn. This encourages the development of roots beneath the grass’ surface. Aerators come in versions with solid spikes or hollow spikes. Those with hollow spikes, known as core aerators, are usually more effective in reducing compaction.


Cultivators are used to break up compacted soil, spread fertilizers and manure, and remove weed roots in tight areas without disturbing plants. They loosen soil and can spread compost when you are preparing to plant flowers and shrubs. Cultivators can also be used to distribute plant food evenly.


A must-have in any garden shed, a fork performs a variety of duties around the garden. Forks can till large areas of soil and break up compacted dirt. They can also remove weeds and stones in areas containing undesirable plants. The fork is available in many forms, but it usually features four prongs attached to a handle.


Virtually indispensable in the shed, the hoe is frequently used by gardeners. Hoes feature a long handle with a flat metal blade at the end. These tools remove weeds by grooming the soil’s surface, and can hill and drill many types of dirt in preparation for planting.


Rakes feature a rectangular head containing anywhere between 10-16 teeth, which is connected to a long handle. This is a great tool for leveling seedbeds, and is also used to clear debris from your lawn. Rakes can also be used to spread fertilizer or compost.


Widely used in the garden, shovels are used to dig large holes and move heavier materials. The shovel head’s sharp edges can break into roots and sod, and it is bowl-shaped for scooping up material.

With these tools at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way to planting a successful garden. Gardening is a low cost and rewarding hobby that many people enjoy.