A person drawing logo designs.

5 Free Options to Design Your Business or Brand Logo

How to Make a Logo for Free

A logo is very important to a business because it is a tangible expression of your brand. People often develop their first impression of your brand from your logo. For this reason, you want it to express the values and purpose of your business.

Creating a great logo takes skill and experience, but for those on a limited budget, it is possible to make a logo for free. Here you will learn how to make a logo for free, why a logo is so important, and which free logo makers you can use when you cannot afford a professional designer.

What is a Logo?

A logo combines text and an image as a visual symbol to represent your business. It expresses your vision and tells people who see it more about who you are and what you do.

Why is a Logo Important?

Your logo sets the stage for the story you want your brand to tell. It is front and center on all your marketing materials, whether it is on your business cards, social media channels, website or email newsletters.

An unprofessional-looking logo will make people question whether you offer quality products or services. A great logo, on the other hand, will draw them in and increase your brand credibility. Logos often connect to memories and associations and have symbolic meaning for people. This is why the good ones tend to stick in people’s minds.

Your logo differentiates your business from others and tells consumers why your business is unique. Familiarity with your logo creates the perception that you are trustworthy and foster brand loyalty.

How Do You Create a Good Logo?

If your logo is clear and simple, your audience can quickly connect with it and understand in an instant what your business does. All a good logo needs is use of the right fonts, simple colors, and a strong visual element.

Typography: Your selection of typefaces and how you arrange them immediately conveys a certain feeling. Fonts — whether they are elegant, whimsical, modern or traditional — will reflect what your business stands for and communicate personality and tone.

Color: Colors trigger emotion. You need to pick colors that are right for your target market and industry. For example, banks and insurance companies often use the color blue because it conveys reliability and security. A simple color palette of two solid colors often conveys the clearest impression.

A visual element: A visual element like an icon or a symbol makes a logo more memorable. It has to grab the attention of viewers for at least 10 seconds for them to form an impression about it.

5 Free Logo Makers and How to Use Them

Understanding what makes a good logo is vital, but for some quick visual inspiration, free logo makers can help you to come up with logo designs in minutes. You can then edit it as much as you like until you come up with a version you think will work for you. Making your logo is free but if you want to download a scalable vector version, some sites require you to pay a fee.

1. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

The Tailor Brands Logo Maker uses an AI algorithm that makes logo design easy. All you have to do is enter the name of your business and some details about it, select your design preferences and the logo creator tool makes multiple designs for you to choose from. You are able to edit the font, color, size, and text of your logo. All your designs are stored in your account at no extra charge. You do not have to pay to create a logo but you pay a fee to download your custom logo in high-quality vector, eps or svg files.

2. Canva

Canva offers much more than logo design but it also has an intuitive logo generator. When you create an account and log in, it will ask you your business name and some details about it. You can then select from a variety of templates and customize your logo by playing about with free elements or choose to upload your own graphics if you like. Once you have finished, you can download your logo as a print-ready PDF or PNG for free.

3. Wix

If you are on a budget, Wix has a free logo design option. When you create an account and log in, it will ask you for the name of your brand, ask you about your style, and present you with a range of suitable colors, fonts, and icons. You can create your custom logo, edit it until you are happy with it, and download it in high resolution for digital use or printing.

4. FreeLogoServices

At FreeLogoServices, creating a logo takes only three steps. You fill in your industry, company name, and a slogan. Then, you simply decide on whether to use icons, font styles and more, and select a design you like from all the options the logo maker generates. Edit your logo and you can save it if you open an account.

5. GraphicSprings

GraphicSprings has templates to choose from in different categories. Enter the name of your business and your tagline, choose your image category, pick your logo, and easily customize it. The software is free to use but you will pay a fee to download your logo as a JPG, PNG or SVG. If you want to make tweaks to your logo in the future, you can do this for free.

A Final Word

Logo design is extremely important but using a professional designer can be costly for a new business. Logo makers can give you inspiration and ideas for a logo design if you do not have the skills or software to design a logo yourself. They also give you the opportunity to play around with a variety of different fonts, colors, and visual elements until you create a design that suits your business. Even if your budget is limited, you are able to create a memorable logo.