A woman playing the violin

Choosing an Instrument to Play Should be Fun

There Are Many Options to Choose From

Have you ever asking yourself, “What instrument should I play?” Learning to play a musical instrument can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here are some popular instrument options to consider when choosing the best one for you.


A great option for beginners, the piano is the first instrument of many musicians. Even novice players can learn basic tunes and chords with ease. There are many low cost keyboards on the market today, and many sheet music selections are available online. Other varieties of the piano include the organ, harpsichord, harmonium, and accordion.


One of the most popular instruments in music, playing the guitar can open all kinds of doors for a musician. From classical guitar to death metal, the guitar’s influence on popular music is undeniable—and it’s a great choice for first-time musicians. You can try an acoustic guitar, or try out an electric version. Once you’ve learned guitar basics, you can branch out into the bass guitar, mandolin, or banjo.


Being skilled in playing classical strings can open up many doors when it comes to having a career in music. You can try the violin, which is the lead instrument in the string world. Its excellent range and ease of use makes it a wonderful choice for beginners. You can also choose the viola, which is slightly longer in size than the violin and has a deeper tone. Finally, the cello has a rich, deep tone, and while it doesn’t have the range of a violin, it has its own unique sound. The cello is quite large in size, and must be played sitting down.


Brass instruments are essentially long metal tubes with valves and buttons that alter the pitch. To play them, the user “buzzes” his or her lips inside a metal mouthpiece. No matter what your musical preference, brass instruments can be found anywhere, from concert bands and orchestras to jazz sets and soul music. These instruments include the trombone, trumpet, tuba, French horn, and baritone. If you are interested in the trombone or tuba, be sure that you are able to reach the long slide of the trombone, or handle the size of the tuba.


Woodwinds are played through reeds that vibrate when air is blown into them. These instruments make a variety of wonderful sounds, and can be played in many different genres. Woodwinds include the flute, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, and the harmonica.

With this handy guide, you will be well on your way to making beautiful music with the instrument that is right for you.