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How to Buy Concert Tickets Online Fast

Going to concerts is a hobby that people all over the world have enjoyed for ages. While the “experience” of going to a concert has been around for some time, the convenience of the internet reinvented how this generation gets their hands on the latest tickets.

Although the internet is certainly a useful source, many people share negative experiences with buying concert tickets online. Learning a little bit about the process and internet safety is a great way to keep your information safe and secure.

Why Buy Concert Tickets Online?

You may wonder: why do people bother buying concert tickets online if there are so many risks? The problem is, there really is nothing that can compete with it. Buying tickets in person or over the phone is becoming increasingly outdated and difficult. Nowadays, people generally just go to the internet to get their tickets.

The internet is incredibly convenient, and there are many different sites that advertise excellent services to go along with it. Using the internet makes going to concerts easier and faster than ever – if you know what to look out for.

Where to Find Concerts

Here are many different places where you can find information about concerts. If you know what you are looking for, you can simply hop onto a ticketing website and search to see what is available. Most platforms even offer ways for you to browse through upcoming concerts in specified locations to give you some options to sift through.

If you want to find a particular singer or your favorite band, there are a few ways to keep up with them personally.

Follow Social Media

Bands often share about upcoming tours through their social media pages. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, there are tons of different ways for you to follow your favorite celebrities. It’s not only a great way to get a glimpse into their lives, but they often share any major news with their followers. It makes sense that they would share information on things such as their upcoming merchandise, albums, and concerts!

You may even find fan accounts that meticulously follow this information. Some famous social media stars even make partnerships with certain companies to offer discounts to their fans if they use special codes.

Sign-Up for Mailing Lists

If following social media isn’t for you, there are always mailing lists. Signing up for mailing lists is a great way to keep on track of everything that can be offered. Some bands or managers offer ways to sign up for their content directly.

Other times, you can check for newsletters for fan clubs or ticket selling platforms. As an incentive to sign up, many offer exclusive news and details just to members.

Keep Your Eyes (and Ears) Open

When not looking for anything in particular, consider just keeping an open mind. Watch commercials, read the newspaper, and listen to the radio. Sometimes, you may get lucky and catch an advertisement for an upcoming concert you are interested in.

The Fast and Furious

Remember, depending on how popular a band is, their tickets can sell out in minutes, and there will be fans waiting at their computer, refreshing the page minutes before sales go online. These aren’t the only things you may be competing with for tickets. There are also people devoted enough to design bots to purchase tickets, too.

Bots are computer programs, and, in terms of ticket sales, these can be trained to buy hundreds of tickets in a single minute. Who needs this many tickets? Nobody.

These bots generally aim to buy as many tickets as possible so the benefactor can resell them online for incredibly high prices for a ridiculous profit (this is also known as scalping). The best way to make sure you get great tickets (and seats) is to keep up with the latest news and purchase as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may end up looking for tickets on another site.

Tips for Safe Purchases

In theory, there is nothing wrong with resale sites. They are a great way for people to purchase tickets for concerts that were otherwise sold out (for a fee). Sometimes sellers are purposely looking for a profit while others simply have no use for the ticket they hold anymore. If you are buying from an official resale site, you normally have nothing to worry about (except the price).

However, buyers beware if you find a post on Facebook Marketplace or eBay as sellers can scam you. Learning how to recognize red flags is important.

Consider avoiding the following:

  • Posts that seem “too good to be true.” If you find that $650 concert ticket for $20, you probably can’t trust it.
  • New users with no reviews. Someone selling a ticket with a 2-hour old profile and no experience selling could easily be a fake account looking to scam you.
  • Inability to provide documents. They should be able to show you proof that they have the ticket; don’t trust sellers who give you counterfeit items that can’t be used at concerts.
  • Insecure payment methods. Things like PayPal are incredibly secure for online transactions, but payment requests of things like iTunes gift cards are often scams.

The internet is a great place to get concert tickets. Learning a little bit about where to find them and how to avoid getting scammed is the best way to take advantage of everything there is to offer. Once you know what to do, it’s easy to buy concert tickets online fast!