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How to Select the Right Job References and Get the Job

What Criteria Should You Use?

The selection of your references can make or break your career. Individuals seeking an advance in their career must put a lot of thought into their choices or they run the risk of taking a step back. Not everyone you know is going to be a great choice for a reference. You may have known this person for a lot of years, but if they don’t have what it takes to be a positive reference, they could harm your career. The following are some key points to consider when selecting references:

Mutual Adoration

First and foremost, you and your work references must have a mutual adoration and respect for one another. You may respect someone and hold them in high esteem, but you must be sure they feel the same as you or this reference could backfire. To prevent this from happening to you, always be sure to ask permission before putting someone down as a reference.

Understand the Process

It is also imperative to choose references that understand how the process works. If they do not understand what is expected of them, their lack of awareness could harm you. Employers are going to connect your references lack of understand to your own. In their eyes, it may be you that does not understand the process and it will be a negative mark against you.

Understand the Urgency

You also have to consider whether or not the reference you choose is going to understand the urgency of the task. Employers will call and expect a quick return call. If they wait too long to call, your potential chances of getting the job could be at risk.

Communication Skills

Choosing a reference that has good communication skills is a must. When a prospective employer calls up your reference and they have poor communication skills, the result could be miscommunication. Their lack of communication skills will also reflect poorly on you. It is always best to choose personal references or co-workers that have the best skills to communicate your strengths and weaknesses.

The selection of references, whether personal references or work references, is a task that should never be taken lightly. Everything you have worked so hard to achieve could be taken away by one bad choice in references. By following the above criteria in choosing references, you can increase your chances of choosing the right ones to help you advance your career.