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See the World More Clearly: How to Properly Care for Contact Lenses

Understanding the Basics of Contact Lens Care

The way that you care for your contact lenses could be far more important than you think. If you wear contact lenses, you know how important they are for your vision. However, you might not realize that they’re also important for your health.

Without the right care, lenses can cause eye infections and severe irritation. In rare cases, a lack of proper care can cause blindness. The good news is that it’s easier to care for contact lenses than ever before.

Types of Contact Lenses

There are a few different types of lenses. The most popular type is the daily soft-wear lenses. There are also extended wear, planned replacement and extended wear disposable lenses.

The planned replacement lenses require the smallest amount of cleaning. However, all types should be cared for and cleaned in the same way.

The Basics of Contact Lens Care

One of the most important aspects of care is hand washing. Whenever you’re touching your contact lenses, you should have clean hands. You don’t want to transfer germs or dirt to your lenses because it can lead to a serious infection. Moisturizing soaps should be avoided.

When drying your hands, a lint-free towel should be used. If cleaning lenses, it’s best to remove one lens at a time and clean it with the recommended cleaner. It doesn’t take long for debris to buildup on contact lenses, so they should be cleaned regularly.

According to the FDA, the best way to clean lenses is to rub them with a few drops of solution within the palm of your hand. Lenses should be rinsed at least twice. It’s also a good idea to purchase and use a clean lens holder or container.

Disinfection is very important because it kills the microorganisms that can cause infection. The amount of time needed for disinfection depends on the specific product you’re using.

Contact Solutions for Optimal Lens Hygiene

There are several different products that you can use to keep your lenses clean and disinfected. A saline solution is great for storing or rinsing.

A daily cleaner product is vital for keeping the lenses clean on a daily basis. A multipurpose solution can work well for disinfecting, rinsing, cleaning and storing. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for storing, rinsing and disinfecting.

If you don’t have a tight budget, you can consider buying special devices, which keep contact lenses clean and disinfected. As long as you take care of your contact lenses, they will take care of you.