Tools on a tabletop

Don’t Get Screwed: Here Are the Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

From Basic Repairs to Full on Renos

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or complete rookie, there are some essential tools that every homeowner should own. With some basic tools, it will be much easier to handle small repair jobs around the home.

Tape Measure

Without this tool, you might find it difficult to handle even the smallest jobs. There aren’t many other tools that can handle more jobs than the tape measure. While it’s very useful for repairs, it’s even essential when moving furniture.

Many jobs really aren’t possible without this home essential. Also known as a push-pull tape, this tool is spring loaded, so it easily retracts into a plastic or metal case. If you don’t need the biggest length, you can get the smallest version, which can measure up to three feet of space.

A bigger version can measure a full 25 feet. For most of the jobs that you’ll encounter at home, a 16-foot, ¾-inch wide version should work well.

The Torpedo Level

This tool is another essential. It’s usually about 9 inches long and has tapered ends. The vials inside a level contain alcohol, water and clear liquid.

An air bubble is left in the vials, which makes it very easy to find out when an object, such as a painting, is truly level. If you plan on mounting anything, this tool is essential.

Basic Power Tools

Some other essentials are basic power tools. If you can only afford a single power tool, an electric drill is your best bet. It’s one of the most versatile tools that money can buy. It can be used to drive screws, stir paint, drill holes and grind or sand objects.

Most modern drills have a keyless chuck, so they make it easy to lock objects into place. Ideally, you’ll want to purchase a cordless drill, but a wired alternative can work just as well but won’t offer nearly as much convenience.

Tools Box

A toolbox is an essential. However, the tools inside of the box are most important. Every toolbox should have chalk, pliers, handsaws, claw hammer, screwdrivers, bar clamps, locking pliers, staple gun, wrenches and a circular saw.

These are the tools that are used the most during some of the most common home repair jobs. They’re essentials that every homeowner should own, and the good news is that most of these tools are more than affordable.