A woman running through a park

5 Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Runner

How to Become a Better Runner with Expert Level Strategies

Becoming a better runner takes time and a lot of patience, but the payoff is worth the effort. Running at a moderate pace can burn as much as 500 calories per hour while strengthening your entire lower body. Have you asked yourself how to become a better runner? If you feel as though you have hit a wall in your training, then try these five strategies that will increase your speed and stamina.

Get Competitive

Staying motivated to run is essential for your progress, and one of the best ways to increase your motivation is to have a set goal in mind. Sign up for a 5K in your area, and set up a training schedule that will have you ready to hit the track on your big day. Inviting a friend to participate will also provide accountability on those days when you are considering skipping practice.

Run on an Incline

Often, runners hit a wall when their training is no longer challenging. Try setting your treadmill to a steeper incline for portions of your workout on the days you run indoors. If you are running outside, then look for areas with slight hills that can push your body to work harder.

Add Intervals to Your Routine

In addition to adding inclines to your run, intervals will help you to keep your body guessing what may come next. During an interval session, you raise your heart rate and allow it to lower before pushing it back up again. This can easily be done by running at full speed for two minutes, and then walking for one minute. Repeat throughout your workout until it is time to cool down.

Try Trail Running

Indoor running has its benefits, but sometimes going outside can change your entire workout for the better. Trail running is perfect for building core strength and balance. Start by choosing a simple trail for long, slower runs, and progress to more complicated trails with steeper inclines to boost your strength.

Change Up Your Schedule

Every runner has their preferred time for working out, but your body may respond differently throughout the day. If you are a morning jogger, try heading out in the evening to push your body to work past its fatigue point. Additionally, adding in a strength-training day can help you to focus on the muscles that drive your speed.

Although running is one of the most convenient forms of exercise, it does take a little practice to fully develop your skills. Just remember to keep your eye on the prize and with a little patience and adjustments to your routine, you can go the distance.