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College Admission Requirements and Applications

The Essentials of How to Apply to College

Knowing how to apply to college can be confusing. Reputable colleges are very selective when it comes to accepting new students. Enrolling into a college or university starts with the submission of an official application form that usually comes with a fee. Such a form features detailed personal information about the prospective student including full name, mailing address, ethnicity, gender and citizenship status.

Of course, several other important documents have to be attached to the application in order to secure an entry into a great institution of higher education. If you want to know how to apply to college, keep reading.

Writing Samples

A personal essay must be written by students who are passionate about the majors they plan on pursuing. The essay must highlight the personality of the student as well as his or her skills in academics and other arenas such as athletics. For example, a talented athlete can mention how he or she can contribute to the college’s sports teams.

It is also important for the personal essays to emphasize the well-rounded character of the student. Colleges are interested in accepting students who have overcome hardships with family issues and other challenges in life beyond just the classroom.

Academic Performance

A student’s previous academic performance plays a major role during the application process into a college. The cumulative GPA has to be submitted based on all of the semesters that have been successfully completed in other high schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutes and similar entities. Many colleges require that potential students have a minimum GPA in order to qualify for acceptance.

A student’s portfolio must also include information on any prerequisites that are required to enter a specific program of study. For example, students pursuing engineering degrees should ideally have completed some introductory courses in calculus, physics, chemistry and computer science. Similarly, individuals who want to earn an MBA degree should take GMAT exams.


During the application procedure, students may also be asked to fill out a questionnaire about random topics or more concrete subject matters. For instance, political views could be the focus in a questionnaire for a college specializing in political science and law. Similarly, a private college with religious affiliations can ask students about their faith and other personal beliefs and convictions.

In order to increase the chances of getting accepted into a given college, students must submit all essential documentation that highlight academic performance, personality traits, athletic abilities and other qualities. Academic advisers and guidance counselors often help high school students with applying to colleges or universities nationwide.