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Coding is a Valuable, Employable Skill to Have

Learn to Code With These Five Tips

Coding and programming are two of the best skills you can learn, especially with the increased use of technology across various industries. Whether you want to learn to code to improve your career, or to learn something new, there are plenty of options. You can learn how to create and design games, mobile apps, and websites. If you’re interested in learning how to code, then here are five tips that will help you get on the right track.

Find a Mentor

The best way to get started with learning how to code is to find a mentor in your area. One way to do this is to find a tutor at your community college or educational center. You may even know of a friend or relative who’s an expert in coding. Even the online programming community is helpful when it comes to showing newbies the ropes.

Most of these groups can be found Facebook, LinkedIn, or Reddit. Hack.pledge is another website that helps you find people who can help you learn to code. Or, the site also gives you the option to mentor someone else on your own time if you have knowledge to share. Teaching as you learn can help you better retain that knowledge.

Take a Website Development Course

The next best option is to find a website development course. Web development classes provide a unique educational experience that you won’t find at a college campus. Most web development classes teach you everything you need to know about coding. You’ll learn about the basics in a shorter amount of time than you would in a college-level course.

You can attend programming school online and complete your degree in less time than it takes at a traditional campus. The great thing about learning from a programming school online is that you can learn at your own pace. You can earn your coding degree online in eight weeks. A coding degree online can help you prepare for common coding and billing procedures.

You may even want to consider taking a medical coding course. As a coder, you’ll assign a code to the patient’s conditions using the doctor’s diagnosis, medications that were prescribed, and any other procedures that were performed. A medical coding course is the first step into the world of coding and billing. You’ll learn how to use CPT, ICD 9, ICD 10, and HCPCS codes.

Use a Free Training Site

If you can’t afford to go back to school, then you can take advantage of free training sites. There are websites like Codeacademy and Hour of Code that can guide you through writing your first computer program. Other free resources include Code.org and KhanAcademy.

You’ll dip a toe into the world of coding and programming while working on a project, developing a website, or creating a new game. While these are ideal starting points, it’s important to continue your practice after using these resources.

Find the Right Language

While there isn’t one right language for everyone, it’s best to find one programming language that you want to learn. If you try to learn all of them at once, you’ll overwhelm yourself. Choose a programming language that’s beginner-friendly such as C, C#, Perl, Python, or Ruby. Finding a programming language depends on your reason for using it.

Take Baby Steps

Regardless of the programming language you use, you should take baby steps when you begin to learn code. The best way to approach this method is to learn the basics and be as patient as possible. To work on a project from start to finish, you should break it down into important steps. If you have difficulty grasping a certain topic, switch up your method of learning. For example, if you’re learning from a book, then switch to a hands-on approach.