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How to Use Linkedin to Land a Job

A Powerful Job Hunting Tool

Building an online presence with social networking sites such as LinkedIn is increasingly becoming an important piece of successfully landing a job. A well-written LinkedIn profile provides insight into applicants that a traditional resume and cover letter simply can’t accomplish. Here are some of the latest approaches that LinkedIn uses to help with your job search.

Build Your Connections

No one can hire you unless they know about you first. Using connections on LinkedIn is the key to networking and increasing your exposure to potential employers or recruiters. Also, the more connections a person has the more impressive and influential they come across as. Having more connections sends the message that you are growth oriented, resourceful, and look for opportunities. If you are the one sending connection requests, make sure to make your message personal, even if it’s only one sentence, rather than using LinkedIn’s automated message.

Endorsements and Recommendations

Job seekers work to sell themselves as best they can, but nothing is better than having multiple endorsements and recommendations from people who have witnessed your skills and worked with you. Having others confirm your talent and speak of you in high esteem is a powerful way of demonstrating your abilities. LinkedIn also shows the recommendations you have written for other people, which can shows your positive working interactions with others — something recruiters and employers definitely take into consideration.

Showcase Your Work

Many kinds of jobs require the use of an online portfolio to show off projects that demonstrate achievements in your field. Whether you’re a writer, photographer, designer, or developer, being able to link to your personal web page or portfolio will greatly increase your chances of impressing potential employers or building connects to people who like your work.

Use the Search Feature

LinkedIn has a wonderful search engine that enables users to search for keywords that will lead them to other jobs, groups, or people in their same line of work. You can also use the search to find people who are local to you, or perhaps in a place you’d like to relocate too. This can lead to more contacts, job opportunities, or even inspiration for your own profile.

With an increasing number of recruiters and hiring teams using LinkedIn to search for potential candidates, as well as employers searching LinkedIn to find out more information about a possible employee, it’s a smart move to incorporate this site into your job search and keep your posts up to date.