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Here’s Why It’s So Important to Have a Good Work/Life Balance

What’s Your Work/Life Balance Like?

It’s been said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. By the same token, all play and no work leads to irresponsibility, to say nothing of financial ruin. It is essential to learn the importance of work life balance, and how to achieve it.

Ideally, people should begin to learn this balance early. School is like a job for children, and as they get older they may also decide to take on part-time or summer jobs. Developing a strong work ethic and the discipline of saving for the future can help create a solid foundation for adulthood. At the same time, it’s important for teens not to get so caught up in making money that they neglect their studies, their family or their social life.

In adulthood, jobs are often significant sources of stress, especially jobs that can’t always be left at the office. It is important for your mental health to avoid becoming a workaholic, and that includes constantly checking your phone and e-mail for messages pertaining to work. You need to set aside time every time to focus on yourself, your friends or your family. Take advantage of your days off to do something fun and enriching, like reading a book or taking a day trip. Even if you just spend the day catching up on laundry while binge-watching a favorite TV show, you will be doing something for the good of the household while enjoying yourself.

Your work performance will suffer if you burn yourself out, so don’t overdo it with the overtime and try not to take the stresses of work home with you. Add some calm into your day by practicing relaxation techniques such as prayer and meditation or playing ambient music softly on your computer. Keeping photos of family and other loved ones can help you feel connected throughout the work day.

Just make sure that you don’t go too far in the other direction. Unless you’re fabulously wealthy, you won’t do well in life if you merely goof off all day. Even those who have ample resources usually need to feel a sense of purpose in order to have a fully satisfactory life. Ideally, you will figure out a way to have a job that dovetails with your talents and passions. If not, simply do your work well and live to the fullest in your leisure time.