A man and woman wearing business casual outfits.

Polished & Professional Is the Way to Go When It Comes to Dressing for a Job Interview

An Appropriate Outfit Will Give You Confidence

How you dress for a job interview is an employer’s first look into your professional demeanor, and sets the tone for the interview process. When choosing your outfit, it is important to look polished and professional no matter what type of field you are in. If you are wondering about what to wear to a job interview, read on!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Business Casual

Business casual is the standard dress code for most industries, meaning slacks and a collared shirt for men, and either a modest dress, dress pants and a blouse, or a skirt and blouse for women. Keep in mind than an outfit for an interview to work in the fashion industry will likely differ from an outfit for an interview to work in the IT department. It is acceptable to tailor your outfit to the industry, as long as your outfit remains neat, modest, and professional.

To start, build your outfit from neutral colors, such as blacks, grays, and blues. Eschew clothing with writing on it, and keep accessories to a minimum. Let your resume and personality speak for you, not your clothing! Save your leopard print shoes, dangly jewelry, and holiday themed socks for Casual Friday.

Select pieces that fit you properly. Baggy or sagging pants, sleeves that are too long, and hems that drag on the floor give off the appearance of sloppiness, and general lack of care about how you present yourself. Other common offenders include button-ups that gap around your bust or mid-section, and ties that barely graze your belly button.

Keep it Simple

Be careful not to overdress. This means staying away from anything too tight, too revealing, or too provocative. If you can see-through any part of your outfit, wear a slip, camisole, or undershirt. Avoid sundresses, shorts of any kind, and open toed-shoes. As a good rule of thumb: if you would wear it out on a Saturday night, save it for the post-job offer celebration.

Only pick items that you feel comfortable wearing. If you never wear high heels, it is better to wear your nicest flats with confidence than teeter around the room in stilettos. If you tend to sweat when you get nervous, choose items made of breathable fabric such as cotton, and wear a darker top so stains are less likely to show through. If you feel good about what you are wearing, you are much more likely to nail those tough interview questions!

Once you have picked out your outfit, launder, iron, and press each item. Then, put the outfit on and stand in front of a full-length mirror to check for any stains, rips, tears, or imperfections. Lift your arms to see if your shirt comes untucked, or your stomach shows. Again, it is important to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, so give that outfit the full test run it needs to make sure there are no surprises when you are sitting face to face with your potential new boss.