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How to Write an Eye-Catching Cover Letter

Let Your Cover Letter Land You the Interview

In today’s competitive job market selling yourself makes all the difference if you are looking for employment. Before a potential employer will even offer you an interview, though, you must already be selling yourself and your skills. A strong resume will provide employers with an outline of your professional history, but a resume alone is often not enough. A cover letter can be the eye-catching addition that gets your foot in the door and sells your personality. A cover letter provides the perspective employer with:

  • A glimpse at who you are
  • What your experience is
  • Why you want the job to which you are applying
  • Why you would be a good fit for the company

A strong cover letter requires a bit of research about the position, company, and sometimes even your own resume.

Writing an eye-catching cover letter should start with an introductory sentence detailing your name and the position for which you are applying. The next several paragraphs should be where you sell yourself and your skills.

When writing your cover letter it is important to remember to be original. Make your cover letter personal to the company and job for which you are applying. Your cover letter should also provide employers with a peek into your personality. Displaying your personality will show the employer that you will fit well within their organization’s culture.

The content of your cover letter should focus on why you are the best candidate for the position. It is important to concisely and clearly communicate your skills, knowledge and abilities. Keywords and buzz phrases should also be carefully considered, as many human resource representatives skim resumes for these words and phrases. It is also beneficial to discuss anything noteworthy about yourself that the representative may otherwise not know. Feel free to tout a certain skill, award or experience you have obtained, but be sure to tie it back into the job for which you are a applying.

A strong cover letter should conclude with a request to meet with a company representative about the position for which you are interested, as well as contact information where you can be reached.