Woman's eye with make up

How to Use Eyeliner to Enhance Eye Shape

What Look are You Going For?

Understanding eyeliner types and how to use them to enhance eye shape can be confusing. Should the user line the inner eye? If so, does the line extend to the outer eye? Does shadow eyeliner or pencil work best? Does inexpensive eyeliner work as well as expensive brands?

Eye size should be considered before deciding on how to enhance eye shape with eyeliner. For instance, small eyes and “cat eyes” might not mesh, but the smoky eye look or basic daytime eyeliner styles look great one most women.

Eyeliner Types

If your eye size is average to large, you can use a soft pencil, a tiny eyeliner brush and deep eyeshadow, or liquid eyeliner to line and define the eyes. Use shadow and an eyeliner brush to fix eyeliner pencil because this softer line tends to smear or melt by mid-day. A thin shadow line above eyeliner pencil softens the look, too.

Liquid eyeliner can be tricky to wear for people with deep or closed-set eyes. Liquid eyeliner application requires a skillful hand. Start from the inner eye near the lashes and extend the line to the outer eye in a single sweep. Alternatively, start at the mid-lash line and draw the line to the outer edge. Then finish the line from the inner eye to the mid-point.

Eyeliner Styles

Start with these liner tricks to enhance your eye shape. These styles work for almost everyone.

1. Wide Eyes

Liquid liner can be used to make the eyes look wider while enhancing their shape:

  • Begin with a dry, naked eye
  • At the upper lash line, dot liquid liner carefully between lashes to give the impression fuller lashes
  • Apply two coats of mascara

Now, perform the same steps on the other eye. You’ve got instantly widened eyes that show off the shape of the eye to perfection.

2. Casual Lined Eyes

Most women prefer more casual eye makeup at work or on weekends. Eye makeup can look overdone, so it’s important to use a light touch for these times. If you have light hair, use light brown or taupe liners for best effects.

Dark-haired women can wear black liner every day, but it’s essential to make a very thin, close to the lash line. Don’t extend the line past the lash line. In other words, don’t give in to Cleopatra fantasies at work or on the weekend.

Casual lined eyes are the ideal way to define your eyes and enhance their shape without going overboard. If you wear mascara at these times, apply just one clear coat of brown or clear mascara.

3. Smoky Eye

The smoky eye is popular and never goes out of fashion. Women with small eyes or deep-set eyes make their eyes look larger. Blending a rich palate of shadows is used to enhance or refine eye shape.

Start with eyeliner application from the inner corner of the eye and extend the line towards the outer eye. Draw tiny strokes in the lash line. The mid-point should be slightly thicker to make the eye look larger. Smudge the liner using a brush to enhance eye shape.

Fine-point kohl liners work well to create the smoky eye, and layering liners and shadow is encouraged. Use a light shadow under the brow bone to make your eye shape appear longer for the “come hither” look.

Avoid using too much dark shadows. Blend grays, nudes, and taupes for a beautiful look. Eye size is instantly increased!