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The Do’s and Don’ts of Men’s Fall Fashion

A Guide to Men’s Fall Fashion

With the fall fast rolling in, men all over North America are getting ready to beat the unpredictable cool fall weather. You really do not want to get frost-bound in your summer wear or baked in your winter clothes, so why not try some men’s fall fashion outfits?

When it comes to men’s fall fashion, there are many ways to appear fashionable and comfortable during the fall.

Keep reading to learn more about how best to experiment with men’s fall outfits and trends to get the right fall look for you.

What is Men’s Fall Fashion?

Fall is officially the layering season; September through to November are arguably considered the best fashion months in the world.

With the right fall fashion outfits, you are not trying to beat the cold or avoid the heat. Men, fall means trading in your sandals for great boots and getting ready to personalize your look with dynamic men’s fall color schemes and lovely texture fabrics.

You might be wondering why dressing in the fall is different. It can be tricky to dress for the unpredictable season that is fall. So, keep reading to learn how to stay comfortable while also being trendy. Great men’s fall styles and trends ensure both.

What Makes Fall Fashion Different?

It differs from other fashion seasons due to its saturation dynamics and the layering clothes. Fall is a period of fashion opportunity; you get to dress both ways. When we say both ways, we mean summer and winter. Fall is an extension of summer and a prelude to winter. So, men keep your wardrobes stocked up with trendy fall fashion wear.

You do not have to totally change your closet; you could retain the jeans which are suitable for all seasons, but you definitely need to add some fall clothing to your wardrobe. Don’t worry men reading this! You don’t need to make major changes in your wardrobe, just a few fall items and you will wonder why you never made these fall fashion changes before.

We understand how tricky dressing up for work, casual outings, and nighttime out in fall can get. So, here’s a list of dos and don’ts for the fall season, that does not require you to have a complete closet makeover this fall.

Men’s Fall Fashion Do’s

Layer Your Clothing

The temperature in fall varies a lot and tends to get a bit chilled at night and warmer in the morning, all you need to do is proper layering. With proper layering, you get to pull off or put on some clothes as the temperature fluctuates. Begin with a T-shirt or a casual button-down at the base, add up a sweater or sweatshirt, then a bomber jacket, sport coat, or wool jacket at the top. Wearing light layers of clothes rather than thick coats makes you more appealing.

Pick Out a Fall Color Palette

Simply because it is colder than summer and spring does not mean you have to quit the colors. Try out earthy colors and darker jewels. Think dark shades, color solid scheme. You should try out colors like; burgundy, brown, navy, olive greens, browns, burnt orange, and gold.

Wear Textured Fabrics

Wear fabrics that go well with the solid schemes or grey colors. Fabrics such as velvet, woolen knits, suede, corduroy, and tweed. Swap your linen for wool flannel and cotton to provide warmth and insulation.
The plus side of such fabrics is that they are on the thicker side of things, so you probably don’t need to wear coats.

Swap Your Slacks for Cotton

Keeping your upper part layered is the easiest to do when dressing up during fall. The lower part requires similar attention, but you definitely can’t go around wearing three to four trousers. During the cooler part of fall, trade your regular slacks for cotton slacks. The great thing is that these slacks come in muted colors, so they are just right for the season.

Wear Thick Underwear

You don’t have to keep your heavy-duty underwear till winter. You could start wearing them during the late fall. By wearing them early, you get to stay warm and keep the light-weighted underwear for the summer.

Put on a Knitted Sweater

Knitted sweaters are very attractive to the women folk all over the U.S, it exudes a form of rugged and sweet look. When wearing knitted sweaters, make sure they are well fitted and not baggy. Also, light knitted sweaters are suitable for layering. With two or more great sweaters and a great (light) sports jacket, you are good to go for this season.

Wear the Right Pair of Boots

It’s high time to swap your sandals for boots. The right pairs of boots can keep you looking amazing for a long time.

Men’s Fall Fashion Don’ts

Wear Bright, Splashy Colors

Avoid the pastel colors you wear in summer and spring, opting for earthy tones. Do not wear colorful patterns; they look out of place for an increasingly gray environment.

Flaunt Bare Ankles

With the weather getting chilly in the fall, men should resist the urge of not wearing a stocking. Preferably you should try wool socks, boots, or heavier footwear.

Wear White Sneakers

No matter how casual you intend to look, do not wear white sneakers. They do not belong in the rain or snow.

Wear Light Fabrics

Put away the linens and lightweight fabrics. No man should be wearing such during fall. It gets too windy and breezy for summer clothing.

Stick Exclusively to Jeans

Try out other trousers such as chinos and wool trousers to mix up your collection. No man should be addicted to jeans during the fall.

Wear the Thickest Clothing

It gets a bit tempting to overdo things when it starts to get colder. Do not wear your warmest jackets, winter jackets, etc.

Wear Cotton or Linen Suits

Men your cotton suits, despite being perfect casual suiting for summer, are not ideal for fall. Once it gets colder, opt for wool suits.