Closet in a bedroom

Order from Chaos: Tips for Organizing Your Bedroom Closet

Take Control of Your Closet

Very few household chores inspire as much dread as does clearing out and organizing your bedroom closet. Since we can close the doors and put the mess out of sight and out of mind, we procrastinate until the clutter and disarray are so bad that getting dressed in the morning becomes a treasure hunt. However, using some well-designed and appropriate organizing pieces will make the job easy and the finished product much more functional.

Most people think of closets as providing space for hanging only, but that is simply not true. Modular shelving, designed especially for closets, provides more storage and versatility in what is usually much too small a space. In addition, some types of garments should not be hung on hangers. Sweaters, for instance, will stretch out of shape, and so should be neatly folded and stacked. Shelves keep everything in plain view, a bonus on rushed mornings.

Shoes are a serious cause of clutter in your closet. Often, they end up in a jumble on the floor and finding the one you want, as well as its mate, can be a daunting task. Shoe storage can be simplified in a number of ways including hanging bags, stackable cubes and specially-designed shelves that hold shoes securely in place. Shoes stay clean and damage-free when neatly stored.

If your wardrobe includes many small items such as socks, gloves, hair bands and scarves, storage baskets are the perfect solution. Designate a basket for each category and you will always know where to find the exact item you are looking for. Choose a basket big enough to hold everything but small enough to fit in the space you have.

The best and most efficient way to store off-season clothes is by using vacuum bags. It is truly amazing to see how bulky winter coats and jackets can be reduced to a neat, compact square that will easily stack on a shelf. In addition, your garments will be protected from moths. Be sure to launder or dry clean before storing.

After sorting through your closet, you will undoubtedly find some items that you no longer use. Donate clothes, shoes and accessories that you have not worn in the last year to a charitable organization. You may be eligible for a tax deduction and your no-longer-wanted items will be helping the less fortunate in your community. And you will have room for more new clothes!