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A Vacation You’ll Always Remember: Incredible Destinations for Your Honeymoon

Choose Somewhere You’ll Both Love

Months and months of planning go into making sure every detail is letter-perfect for your wedding, and in all the fuss, the honeymoon is often left on the backburner. “We’ll go somewhere romantic,” you assure each other. Then, you haphazardly buy two discount tickets to the most affordable romantic destination you can find.

Your honeymoon should be as memorable as your wedding, and to make sure it is, you need to prioritize it equally. That means sitting down together and coming up with honeymoon ideas that both of you are crazy about. If it’s always been your dream to visit Paris or lounge in the sun in the Greek Islands or relax on the world’s best beaches, then go for it! But these are just a sample of the world of exciting honeymoon vacation ideas out there, and you should take the time to explore some of the more creative possibilities at your disposal.

Creative Honeymoon Vacation Ideas

The world is waiting for you and your beloved to discover it; really, the best honeymoon ideas reflect your personal goals, ambitions and dreams. Even so, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Bed and breakfast tours in the United Kingdom
  • Driving the French countryside
  • Lounging in the sun on the beaches of Thailand
  • A ski vacation in the Rockies or the Alps
  • An Alaskan wilderness honeymoon
  • Small-town venues in the South Pacific
  • An African or South American jungle safari

Cruises are also extremely popular travel products for newlyweds. One of the key advantages of a honeymoon cruise is that all your costs are fixed and predictable. However, they’re one of the most overdone types of wedding vacations for newlyweds, but if you want all the benefits of predictable pricing without the cliché, consider a honeymoon cruise to a nontraditional destination. Alaska, the South Pacific, South America and Africa all offer exciting cruise destinations that are a lot more intriguing than the standard Caribbean, Mediterranean or Mexican Riviera jaunt.

Affordable Honeymoon Travel

Inexpensive honeymoon ideas are a must for many couples, particularly young ones just starting out together in life and those who invested most of their wedding budget on the big day itself. If you and your new spouse connect over nature, camping can be an excellent honeymoon activity; you’ll enjoy a private corner of wilderness while watching sunrises and sunsets together, all for just a few dollars a day.

Another of the most popular cheap honeymoon ideas is to look for exotic flavors in nearby locales. You can experience the flavor of Europe without going overseas by heading to Montreal or Quebec City; world-class all-inclusive resorts can be found all throughout the American Sun Belt and California but also the Pacific Northwest and New England. All it takes to find great deals on close-to-home destinations is a little patience and research.