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Newcomers to North America Often Learn English As A Second Language

Learning English as a Second Language

If you are new to Canada or the United States, it is important that you learn English to make it easier to get used to life in your new home. There are special English as a second language (ESL) schools where you can take English courses and improve your ability to read, write, speak and understand the language.

While you can learn English online, it is better to learn to speak English in a classroom, where you can get extra help from your teachers and go over anything that is giving you trouble with more time and care. Using Internet tools such as vocabulary builders and English comprehension videos can help, but there is no substitute for the interactive experience of a classroom.

Find ESL Courses

An excellent place to find English as a second language classes is through local high schools and community learning centers. The same is true if you want to learn French, learn Spanish, or learn any other widely spoken language. Many cities offer night school classes for adults who want to learn English. If you are new to the country, your language training may even be paid for by the government, in part or in full.

Some people find it helpful to take English as a second language courses with other people who do not speak the same native language. This forces students to communicate in English and helps build their skills faster.

Another school of thought is that you should take ESL classes with people who speak the same native language you do. This makes it easier for you to communicate any questions or issues you don’t understand to your classmates, who can then help you gain a better understanding.

How Can I Learn English Faster?

It can take many years to master a second language. To speed up the process, there are several things you can do:

  • Try to speak English as often as possible
  • Practice your English every day
  • Read as much written English as you can to build your vocabulary
  • Don’t worry if your grammar, spelling, reading, writing, and comprehension are not perfect