Various art supplies laid out on a table, ready for use

Where to Find Art Classes Near You

Local Art Education Could Be Closer Than You Think

Your search for art classes in your area may be easier than you think, and as close to hand as a community college catalog. Many schools have non-credit, continuing education catalogs that you can have mailed to your home or search easily online. For a relatively small fee, you can enroll in a variety of courses from fine arts to culinary classes, photography or graphic design.

Where to Look

A nearby university may also have art courses which you can take or audit. But schools such as these aren’t the only places where you can learn new creative skills. A list of a few other places you might explore for art classes includes:

  • Local libraries
  • Museums
  • Art Schools or Institutes
  • Art Studios and Centers
  • Craft Stores

Local libraries can be a great resource in this regard, especially if you get in touch with a larger regional or county branch. They might host art programs themselves, but they will likely have a bulletin board or electronic newsletter that provides a look at other opportunities in the area.

Museums can provide other opportunities for art learning, for children and youth as well as adults. In addition to providing rotating exhibits, many museums provide lectures on art history or classes connected to the art in the museum. Museums and universities will both sometimes provide outreach programs and even art camps.

While not every city has an art institute, if you’re fortunate to live near one, that can be another enriching source of art education.

Local art studios and centers, sometimes located in smaller towns, can be a wonderful and affordable source of creativity. Because of their size, they are often able to offer private art lessons for various ages in skills such as painting or pottery. Small art centers often purposefully focus on regional art and give visitors a chance to interact with local artists.

Finally, depending on what kinds of arts you’re interested in, classes at nearby craft stores may suit your needs. Many of the art classes offered there provide practical skills in basic arts such as sewing, painting, or basic crafting.