Organized room in a house

Cluttered Garage and Basement? Implement These Storage Tips!

You Might Even be Able to Park the Car in the Garage

Since garages and basements are tucked out of the way from main living areas, they’re often the least organized spots in a home. Homeowners and renters tend to use these spaces as “out of sight, out of mind” storage for items that they don’t use every day, such as old shoes, sports equipment, seasonal decorations and clothing, collectibles, mementos, tools and hobby/craft items. They also tend to pile up these items without any type of storage plan in place to make finding the items at a later date easier.

Do you need help dealing with a cluttered garage or basement? Follow these three tips to make the spaces more organized and roomy:

Use Custom Labels

Labeling all boxed and unboxed items you store will definitely make it easier for you to find them when you need them.

  • Colored labels work well for dividing items into categories. For example, you might label boxes filled with Halloween items with orange labels and boxes fill with Thanksgiving items with brown ones.
  • Different colored highlighters used on light-colored labels can enhance your ability to find items within a category.

Invest in Bins

Small, medium and large storage bins in different colors and designs are a great investment when organizing a garage or basement.

  • There are stackable bins that usually take up less space than boxes.
  • Both open and clear door storage bins are perfect for storage of any items that you might throw on floors, such as children’s toys, sports equipment and shoes.
  • Compartment bins have pullout drawers that are fantastic for organizing small tools, hardware and hobby/craft items. Many designs also make it possible for you to hang these bins on the walls.

Install Wire Shelves

Any type of shelving will free up floor space. Why use wire shelves to de-clutter a garage or basement?

  • Wire shelves are easier to install than traditional wood shelves.
  • The coated wires do not collect as much dust and dirt as standard shelves.
  • Wire shelves give you a variety of storage options: You can store hanging-style items, such as dusters, umbrellas, clothing, etc., via hooks and hangers on the wires and stack bins on the shelves. Lastly, since the shelves allow light to shine through the openings between wires and shelved items, the space beneath is perfect for hanging compartment bins.