Woman getting her hair curled

What’s the Difference Between a Curling Iron and Curling Wand?

Saucy Curls or Carefree Waves? Both!

Even in this fashion craze of shiny, straight hair, the classic ringlet never really goes out of style. Some of us are lucky enough to have naturally curly hair, but for the rest of us, there really is no permanent solution. We can perm it, or go to a salon, or use hot rollers to get the cork-screw curls we love so well, but that takes time and money and who ever has both at the same time?

Another option is to use a curling wand or a curling iron. No, they are not the same thing. A curling iron has a clasp to hold your hair inside and is used with the cord hanging down, most often. A curling wand is simply a heated stick that you wrap your hair around, most often with the cord up at the top. The choice is simply one of curly vs. wavy; whichever one you prefer.

A curling iron will give a polished vs. a natural look to the curled hair because of the clasp. The basics of how to use each one are not hard to learn, and you may even decide to mix the look by using both. Using caution is necessary, of course, as both get very hot and the curling iron can in fact leave a very nasty burn. You get what you pay for, and a more expensive one will likely have more heat settings than one of the lesser known brands.

Either one you choose will offer a variety of looks, although using a curling iron does not guarantee ringlets. Some hair holds a curl better, and will stay in a ringlet shape longer. However, even with a ringlet you can achieve a loose wave style. Simply take the curling iron out of your hair sooner, or put a bigger shock of hair into the clasp. You can also make a tight ringlet and, instead of letting the curl set/cool before you brush it, brush it while it’s still warm. For a tighter wave, simply run your fingers through the ringlet. You can also get ringlets from a curling wand by winding your hair tighter around the wand.

There are also a variety of heat gloves or heat resistant gloves available for use with either the curling iron or the curling wand. You should keep in mind, however, that the glove will not protect your face, neck, or ears from burns should you get too close to your skin with either tool.