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Top Shows to See in the Entertainment Capital of the World

Best Shows in Vegas

Las Vegas is called “sin city” for a reason. It is a place of extravagance and decadence and is the entertainment capital of the world. So, if you want to see a show, this is the best possible place in the world to do so. But you might wonder, what are the best shows in Vegas?

Vegas does not discriminate; you can find something here to suit all tastes. From jaw-dropping acrobatics and musical maestros to the mystical sleight of hand, you are sure to find a show you will enjoy. World-class entertainers combined with high-quality production gives these shows an unbeatable value.

With the number of choices, it can be hard to know where to start. Especially if you only have a short time to take in the city. We are here to help to choose. We have scoured the best shows in Vegas to find you the top must-see shows of this year.

Check out our breakdown of the top five best shows in Las Vegas 2021.

O by Cirque du Soleil

Location: Bellagio Hotel
Available from: July 2021
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Top of the list is the infamous Cirque du Soleil for one simple reason: they put on the best shows in Las Vegas. They offer six different shows, but O is by far the top-rated. In fact, many people believe it is the best show in Vegas…. ever!

The name O comes from the soundalike French word “Eau”, which translates to water. This show is an elemental showdown, with themes of water, fire, and air. Much of the performance takes place in a vast swimming pool-come stage, with acrobats displaying almost inhuman contortion and synchronised swimming feats.

There is not a set storyline for the show, but rather each scene is a story on its own that fits the overall aquatic theme. Think floating platforms, trapeze artists, and mind-blowing pageantry.

O runs for around 105 minutes and is suitable for friends and family, but children must be 5 years and older to attend.

Blue Man Group

Location: Luxor Hotel
Available from: July 2021
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If it is a unique show you want to see, then look no further than the wacky and unusual Blue Man Group. This show promises to rock your world and unleash your spirit.

Three (yes, you guessed it) blue men manage to entertain without saying a word. It is hard to explain exactly what the show is about, but let us say it has many themes. The entertainers use lights, music, dancing, digital illusions, and clever social commentary to delight and engross the audience.

In essence, it is one big party.

The most iconic part of the performance is the paint drums. This part is typically the grand finale and showcases the actors pouring paint on cylinder drums and splashing color everywhere as they perform.

The shows run between 90 and 105 minutes and have no intermissions. It is suitable for all ages, but please note the show involves strobe lighting.

V- The Ultimate Variety Show

Location: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
Available from: July 2021
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V The Ultimate Variety Show totes itself as a “buffet of talent” and one of the best shows in Vegas for the indecisive audience. This show is your best bet if you have only a short time in Vegas and you want to see a bit of everything.

And everything they deliver!

From comedians, acrobats, and magicians to dancers, skaters and live animals, there is literally something for everyone. In addition, the performers swap out every night, so you can never see the same show twice.

If you think the diverse focus influences the quality, you would be wrong. There are death-defying stunts, mind-blowing illusions, and even Olympic level gymnastics. Stunning performances and top-class acts from around the world join to create a spectacular show that rivals the best!

This show is 75 minutes long, and there are no age restrictions.


Location: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Available from: July 2021
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This “faceless” dance crew sprung to popularity after winning America’s Best Dance Crew. Since 2010, they have been a staple show at the MGM, captivating and delighting audiences with their slick moves and remarkable choreography.

The groups signature look is white masks and gloves, which they wear for all their performances. If you are looking for a fun and family-friendly show, the Jabbawockeez have won the award for the “Best All-Ages Production” numerous times.

This show runs six nights a week for approximately 75 minutes, and there are no age restrictions.

David Copperfield

Location: MGM Grand Hotel & Casino
Available from: June 2021
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This show is magical. The performance centers around the illusions of the world-famous magician David Copperfield, a man Oprah Winfrey once called “the greatest illusionist of our time.”

From the smallest sleight of hand to awe-inspiring feats of danger, David Copperfield is sure to leave your jaw on the floor by the end of the performance. You can hear audible gasps from audience members throughout the show.

A combination of pageantry, showmanship, and trickery makes David Copperfield the best in the biz. He does just enough for audience members to leave questioning their belief in the supernatural! If you can only see one magic show in Vegas, this is the one for you.

The show runs for 70 minutes, and children must be over the age of 5 to attend.

How to Get Discounted Tickets

  • Ask at your hotel: if you are staying in a Vegas hotel, many of them offer coupons and deals on certain shows.
  • Visit vegas.com: a site that compiles the latest deals and lists the best offers on shows from all over Vegas.
  • Go to a Tix4Tonight kiosk: located in eight spots around the city. They offer same-day tickets at a massive discount, sometimes more than 50% off!