Bottles of wine in a wine cellar

Picking the Perfect Cooler for Your Wine Cellar

Selecting The Best Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

If you own or intend to build a wine cellar, then there are important factors that you must consider. The most important factor is the temperature. If your wine cellar is not temperature controlled then you risk ruining the integrity and quality of your stored wine. This is particularly true for collectible wines that are often times worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars per bottle. The more valuable your wine collection, the more precise and efficient your temperature control and the cooling unit must be.

Popular Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Brands


This highly reviewed and easy to install cooling brand is a great choice for anyone building their own wine cellar. The units are typically installed in the wall and they are known to be quiet and highly effective at temperature control. WhisperKool can be easily installed for you by a certified technician, or you can do it yourself by following written or video-based tutorials.


Known to be one of the highest quality small wine cellar cooling units, Breezaire units are particularly effective and recommended if you are planning to store delicate and expensive wine collections. The Breezaire small wine cellar cooling units have temperature controls that can be meticulously fine-tuned for wine storing perfection.


These wine storage refrigeration units are known as being extremely affordable and low cost. While they might not have fancy and extravagant temperature controls, they are sturdy and dependable wine storage refrigeration units. Individuals that use them typically have new or low-value wine collections that don’t necessarily require the same level of meticulous temperature control that would be needed for more expensive wine collections.

Wine Guardian

Similar to the WhisperKool wine cellar units, the Wine Guardian brand typically features wall installed units. These ducted devices are typically known to slightly outperform WhisperKool wine cellar units, which is why they are often used in commercial settings, such as restaurants, wine bars, and professional wine cellars. If you are looking for top-notch performance and quality in your cooling unit, then look no further than Wine Guardian products.

Features to Look For in a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit


When wine cellar owners shop for the best rated wine cellar cooling units, they’re typically expecting a unit that produces almost no excess sound or noise. Wine cellar owners often have wine tasting areas within their cellars, so loud noises coming from a cooling unit would be unwelcome. The best rated wine cellar cooling units will produce the least amount of noise, or possibly none at all.

Temperature Control

Using self-contained wine cellar cooling units in large to moderately sized areas is demanding on the unit, so it is important that you buy a unit that is adequate for the cellar space you are using, as well as baseline temperatures within your cellar. If you live in a very hot climate, then wine cellar cooling units self contained in such an environment need to be strong enough to produce an adequate level of cooled air and humidity control to keep your wine collection preserved for years or many decades to come.

Energy Efficiency

In this day and age, running eco-friendly and low energy wine cellar cooling units is a must. No one wants a massive energy bill month after month, nor does anyone want to be a drain on the local environment. Thankfully, most wine cellar cooling units are very energy efficient. However, it is important that you thoroughly investigate the matter as some units are far more energy efficient than others.