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Frequently Asked Questions About Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

For the frequent traveler, insurance can appease many of the risks associated with going from place to place. The most frequently asked questions about travel coverage involve cost and the types of claims the insurance allows. If you are still unsure about travel insurance and where to buy it, read on to learn about your options.

Is It Necessary?

The basic answer is that plans don’t always work the way you want them to. You may find that your trip is delayed, you have an emergency medical situation on the road, or your baggage is lost. Travel insurance may help reimburse you for money lost in these situations.

What is Trip Cancellation?

Many travel insurance companies offer protection in case you need to cancel a tour, hotel room, cruise or flight. When you book these items, you typically pay a deposit or full price ahead of time. If you cancel your trip, you may still be responsible for paying these fees (or even a small percentage). Trip Cancellation is intended to reimburse you for these losses if you are unable to make the voyage for one of the reasons the company provides coverage for.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance policies usually encompass protections for trip cancellation and interruption. These policies often cover medical transportation and emergency medical or dental care. They cover lost, stolen or delayed baggage in addition to coverage for missed connections. Insurance may cover rental car damage and delays in travel.

Can I Buy Insurance if I Have a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

Typically, yes. Travel insurance is available for those who have conditions so long as they are medically able to travel. You may be asked to purchase a trip cancellation policy and purchase the plan within a certain time period of payment for the trip. Of course, the details vary from policy to policy.

When Should I Purchase It?

It is ideal to purchase travel insurance as soon as you book a trip.

Will I be Reimbursed for Frequent Flyer Miles?

Typically, no. Frequent flyer miles do not qualify for insurance. Select policies may allow for rebooking fees to be covered, however.