A personal trainer helping a client with weight lifting

Becoming a Personal Trainer Has Never Been More Convenient

How to Get an Online Personal Trainer Certificate

The internet has allowed us to learn in ways that we could never imagine. This includes becoming a personal trainer. There are dozens of websites out there that can provide you with the proper resources in order to become a certified personal trainer, and move into a new career path.

However, most people are confused about the process and end up asking themselves where to get one. They may also end up asking “how much does an online personal trainer certificate cost?” Fortunately, we have the information that will help you acquire your personal training certification and begin working immediately.

What is an Online Personal Trainer Certificate?

Many people ask “What is an online personal trainer certificate?” before they end up enrolling in an online course. An online personal trainer certificate is similar to the one that you would receive in person. However, the big difference here is that you will end up learning about everything that pertains to becoming a personal trainer online, and the onus is on you to achieve the fitness portion of your education separately.

There are dozens of courses out there that will give you the proper resources in order to successfully achieve a certificate. However, you will still have to maintain an appropriate level of fitness if you wish to be taken seriously in the industry. This means that you will need to find a balance of computer work and gym work in order to become successful.

How Much Does an Online Personal Trainer Certificate Cost?

Different companies will oftentimes offer different rates whenever it comes to the cost of the course. However, the average price of the course can be around $800 USD. There are different portions of the course that you can end up purchasing depending on your needs. Most companies will allow you to purchase research materials only. This can end up being around $400 USD.

However, people who are serious about the program will have to consider the cost of the exam. You can get a voucher for the exam that costs only $200 USD. This will allow you to retake the test only once if you fail it. Failing it two times means that you will end up paying an additional $200 USD to retake it.

If you are concerned about the cost of becoming a personal trainer, consider checking if your local fitness center subsidizes the cost for its new employees. 

Becoming a Personal Trainer

Many people wonder if they can get a personal trainer certificate online. Fortunately, there are dozens of online certification websites that you can choose from. The most popular company to go through is ACE. They provide high-quality resources that will help you complete your personal training certification. They are considered the most affordable and there is a friendly team of experts that are there to help you if you have questions. There is also a refund option with ACE in case you need to back out of the program.

Many people wish to become a personal trainer to help other people achieve their fitness goals. Fortunately, becoming a personal trainer has never been easier. All you have to do is to follow the online instructions that these personal training sites have provided for you. The courses will take a couple of months to complete. Stay the course and you will be helping people reach their fitness goals in no time.

Fitness Requirements

It goes without saying that a personal trainer will need to be in great shape to be entrusted with the fitness goals of others. This doesn’t necessarily mean being able to bench 300 pounds or run a marathon, but you will need to be able to keep up with your clients and project credibility with your own physical ability to gain their trust.

In addition to your online courses, take fitness classes and go through training sessions at your gym. If you’re thinking ahead, try to join a gym where you would like to work. By befriending the staff there and demonstrating your commitment to fitness, you’ll be in a good position to be hired as soon as you’re certified. Some fitness centers may even be willing to help pay for your certification if they believe you will be an asset to their team, so make sure to talk to your gym about those options!