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Tips For Finding the Right Mattress

Your Mattress Buying Guide

The quality of sleep that you get each night is determined by the level of comfort that you experience. Many people suffer from restlessness, and aches and pains because they sleep on a mattress that doesn’t offer proper support or comfort. If you want to pick the best mattress for your sleep needs, there are a few tips to follow to find the right fit. Read on to find out more about a mattress buying guide.

Benefits of a Good Night’s Rest

You may be wondering why it is so important to have a good mattress. It is because the quality of our function in our daily routines revolves around our quality of sleep. If we do not sleep well, we will be more tired throughout the day. Essentially, a better mattress equals better sleep and this offers health benefits like:

  •  Improved memory
  •  Lower stress levels
  •  Faster metabolism
  •  Improved attention span

The Characteristics of a Good Mattress

When going out to purchase a mattress or shopping for one online, you do not want to get just any mattress. There are certain things to look for such as:

  •  Density
  •  Warranties
  •  Comfort aspects
  •  Weight of mattress
  •  The price

Density deals with how thick or thin the foam is in the mattress. Typically, the thicker the foam (the more dense it is), the more support your bones and muscles have.

Warranties are good to look at because if something happens to your mattress, you are guaranteed that it will get fixed with no cost. This also ties into looking at the price of mattresses. You do not want to break the bank.

Something that people overlook is the weight of the mattress. This is actually something to look at for moving purposes, as well as changing the sheets when doing laundry. It is good to get a mattress that is lightweight so you do not hurt yourself when pulling up the sheets or moving it.

Look at Online Reviews

Consider researching reviews of a specific mattress that you’re considering to determine how other customers enjoy the product. Review any complaints to determine if it’s too firm, or if it doesn’t have enough support. Take the overall rating into consideration when comparing it to other mattresses. You’ll also want to read reviews of the mattress on other websites to ensure that the comments are not biased.

Test it Out in Person

Your mattress is where you’ll spend a significant amount of time each day. It’s necessary to test it when shopping around. You can take off your shoes and lay in different positions to determine if it’s comfortable. Wear comfortable pants to ensure that you can move around, and get an idea of how much you’ll enjoy the mattress over time. Once you narrow down your options, spend an average of 15 minutes in your normal position on the mattress. Avoid rushing the process to ensure that you buy the right product.

Consider the Material

As you review a mattress buying guide, you’ll find that there are many different materials that are used on mattresses. These all influence the quality and material of the product. Memory foam mattresses are ideal for those who prefer to have extra cushion and customized support with a material that contours to their body. Although the material has had a reputation for being hot in past years, newer and more advanced memory foam creates cooling mattresses. Cooling mattresses will prevent you from overheating during the warmer months of the year.

Sealy Posturepedic has a spring system and is considered to have open coils. The Sealy Posturepedic includes a patented design that is created to provide back support.

An organic mattress is ideal for those who want to avoid exposing themselves to different chemicals that can be used on the materials. Each organic mattress is often constructed out of natural latex.

Stearns & Foster is another brand that is known for its wrapped coils and latex, which offer plenty of support. Stearns & Foster often uses micro-coils, cashmere, wool, regular gel foam, and regular foam in the cover for additional comfort.

Choose the Right Size

The size of mattress that you select will also determine how comfortable you feel sleeping throughout the night. Taller people can choose extra long mattresses that have extra room to stretch out. California king mattresses are known as extra long mattresses; their dimensions are 72 inches wide, by 84 inches long. California king mattresses are longer than king mattresses, which measure 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

When you’re ready to shop for a new mattress and get better sleep, it’s important to use a mattress buying guide to determine the different factors that will allow you to decide which product is the right fit. Knowing the various materials that are used, or the different sizes of the mattresses that are available, can allow you to make the right selection and improve the quality of your sleep.